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Top 5 Sleepy Hollow Adaptations (Article) - 9/16/2013 8:16:56 AM

 A couple years ago, I saw a live theater version of Sleepy Hollow where Ichabod is a Puritanical dictator brought in to save the town from the Horseman. It was a very unique take, especially because Ichabod is an incredibly unlikeable character throughout and turns out to be a villain at the end. The whole thing was surprisingly good and very memorable. Unfortunately, I think the play was purely local. Every few years a theater around here does it, but I don't think it has ever been released elsewhere.

Butterfield Offered ENDER (Article) - 11/19/2011 7:37:44 PM

 Just FYI... Mormons do celebrate Christmas. 

Box Office: Families Give Box Office Thanks to FOUR CHRISTMASES (Article) - 12/1/2008 2:03:48 PM

<p>Caught Twilight and Bolt over the weekend. I thought Twilight was &quot;okay&quot; at best. My wife, who enjoyed the books, said she thought it was just silly. She thinks that a sexy guy leaning over a girl's neck sounds hot on paper but it's&nbsp;giggle-inducing on screen. That being said, it was far from the worst movie ever made and I am interested to see what they will do with the sequel, which (minor spoiler)&nbsp;involves werewolves.</p> <p>The whole family thought that Bolt was pretty fun. The hamster steals the show from the moment he shows up, but the rest of it was pretty good, too. It isn't as good as most of Pixar's other movies, but myself, the wife, and the kids all enjoyed it. Take that for what it's worth.</p>

Pixar Unleashes New Teaser for UP (Article) - 11/9/2008 4:17:36 PM

<p>Caught the panel on this at SDCC. Looks pretty interesting. I&nbsp;love the fact that the old guy has tennis balls on the bottom of his cane! The whole things looks pretty fun if a little odd. And the annimation, especially when they get where they are going, looks absolutely stunning.</p> <p>*** MINOR SPOILER ***</p> <p>They wind up on one of the extremely tall plateaus in South America, where very few people have ever set foot and have to physically drag the house across it.</p>

Mania on this Day: ASH Battles Evil, Dark Rising Hopes and Hooper's Buick (Article) - 10/13/2008 10:22:26 AM

Ugh. Didn't need the reminder about The Dark is Rising. Terrible adaptation and a missed opportunity. They took a good story and butchered it. Oh well. That's Hollywood.

Robert Downey Jr. Seen on Set as SHERLOCK HOLMES (Article) - 10/13/2008 10:18:01 AM

For some reason I think he looks like Peter O'Toole in this picture. I really hope this is a disguise and that they aren't playing "Sherlock the bum." I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I really want this one to do well. I love Sherlock Holmes stories.

TV Wasteland: The Raping of Indiana Jones (Article) - 10/13/2008 10:10:33 AM

Not to completely change the subject, but I just have to say that I am totally pumped for a black and white classic horror movie Supernatural! This season has been excellent so far and I am excited to see what they do with the classics. Can't wait!

Ritchie Updates on SHERLOCK HOLMES (Article) - 8/22/2008 10:05:09 AM

The thing about Sherlock Holmes that IMHO no movie has quite captured is that he is a pretty tortured character. His brilliance separates him from humanity. He is very much alone. Watson can only cheer him on but the only intelectual equal he ever found has been Moriarty. As a result, he struggles to connect with (or even care about) the people around him-hence the cocaine addiction and his overall melencholy. There is an interesting (if a little long-winded) book about Sherlock Holmes in retirement called "The Beekeeper's Apprentice." He meets a girl who shares his brilliance and it is the first time he has ever been on equal terms with someone who isn't an enemy. The book also talks about mistakes and failures that Watson "covered up." It was fascinating to see Holmes, who is always aloof and often unsympathetic, struggle with being "human.". If they can do something similar in the story (mixed with a Holmes-worthy mystery and excellent action sequences), it could be a great film. I also think that a love interest could be fun because, if there is one subject Holmes knows nothing about it is in matters of the heart--there is no logic to it! And no, I don't think that the villain *has* to be Moriarty. Truth is that Moriarty was only in a few stories and was largely created just to kill the character off. Also, Moriarty has been used so often it would be expected, so a new villain might make the story more interesting. As long as the villain creates a real challenge for Holmes, I'll be happy.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/14/2008 10:27:58 AM

tbones, good for you. I don't think I'd have that kind of control. Personally, I thought this was one of the best season premiere's I've ever seen. My brother-in-law, who attended with me, agreed. It was awesome!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/14/2008 9:47:28 AM

For anyone that is interested, here is everything I remember from the 3rd season premiere. *** MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!! - I give away pretty much everything from 3rd season premiere below. If you'd rather be surprised, don't keep reading *** I can't remember it all in order, but here are the basic plot lines from the 3rd season premiere episode. The episode started with a confrontation between Claire and Peter in the future (5 years, I think). Claire is hunting Peter. Peter tells her that he is going back in time to fix things. She fires, he freezes time, steps around the bullet, takes her gun, and leaps back into the past. Peter appears at the end of last season, right when Nathan is about to tell the world about the Heroes. Future Peter dons a hat, pulls out a gun and shoots Nathan, fully expecting to kill him. Present Peter chases Future Peter. When they reach the end of the hallway, only Peter of the past is there (it is pretty quickly revealed that it is actually Future Peter who now has the ability to alter his shape - Future Peter is scarred). In the meantime, Sylar, who has his powers back but is dying, catches Claire at home and they start a cat and mouse game. He eventually catches her and cuts off the top of her head like he wanted to do to begin with. We are then treated to a scene of Sylar examining Claire's brain while they talk together. This led to the greatest lines of the episode, which was his response to Claire asking if he was going to eat her brain. Back in Japan, Hiro has inherited his father's company and is bored. You first see him playing with a clock, making it go forward and backwards. There is a very funny scene where either Hiro or Ando says that destiny won't knock on the door and a courier knocks, delivering a video from Hiro's father. The video tells Hiro that he is the guardian of a secret that can destroy the world and that it is locked in a safe that Hiro must never open. Of course, the moment the video is turned off, Hiro opens the safe and discovers part of a formula and a note telling him to turn back on the video, where his father scolds him for being disobedient and then tells Hiro that he must not lose the formula. Immediately afterwards, a super-fast person races through and steals the formula. Hiro freezes time and chases her. They have a confrontation and she gets away with the formula. In the meantime, Nathan wakes up in a kind of daze. No one can explain how he lived. Peter (who is the one from the future) can't figure it out. Nathan gets up, walks out of the hospital and across the street to a church. He becomes something of a preacher, telling people that God has saved him and stuff like that (can't remember his exact speech), and then collapses. When he wakes up, he can't remember it all but says that God saved him. Mohinder's part is pretty much already known. He figures out how to give people powers (it has to do with adrenaline) and injects himself. He gains super strength and beats the crap out of a couple of guys. Matt is searching for Nathan's shooter (they don't know it was Peter). Future Peter goes back to where he ditched the gun and Matt catches him. There is a confrontation and Future Peter send Matt to the middle of the desert somewhere. As he searches for help, Matt sees a symbol that is repeated through the episode a couple of times but its meaning is never fully explained. Niki is living with some powerful guy (no explanation as to how she lived). They see Nathan's "God" moment on TV and decide that he is the one they need for something. It looks lik she doesn't recognize Nathan but she may just be pretending. Back at Claire's house, Sylar finds what he is looking for in Claire's brain and uses it to heal himself. He then reseals her head and tells her that she is "special" and that she can't die. "And now," he says, "I guess I can't either." And then he leaves. Future Peter's mom confronts him. She knows he's from the future and that he came to kill Nathan. She tells Peter that her power (also his first power, if you remember), is to see the future. Peter killing Nathan did change things, but now the future is worse than before. It is also revealed that Present Peter is now kept in a prison of the "Company" with other villains, some of whom are shown. In Nathan's hospital room, he hears a familiar voice telling him that he is destined for great things and, from behind the curtain steps LINDERMAN! It is revealed that Linderman is the one who saved Nathan. After losing the formula, Hiro decides to go into the future to see if the formula really will cause the destruction of the world. He sees a world in chaos but catches a scene between himself and Ando. They are fighting about the formula. Ando is trying to take it from Hiro (to destroy it, if I remember right), but Hiro won't give it to him. Suddenly Ando blasts Hiro with red electricity! That's right Ando has powers!!!! So there it is. As I said before, if the 1st episode is anything to go by, this season will be awesome!


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