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wasradone 9/21/2006 3:32:06 AM
Franco is a pretty good actor when it comes to being intense. I know it's been said but he's would have been a much better choice for Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the Pre-Star Wars Trilogy EP3. Much more believable and a much better actor by a mile.
thelastonelives 9/21/2006 9:00:08 AM
laforcer69@yahoo.com_home 9/21/2006 2:55:01 PM
Don't you guys get it yet? No. I will tell you then. George Lucas is a terrible director, he has no direction for his actors, he has no input as far as character development is concerned and has no wish to work with actors. His love is his special affects and NEW COLORS! It's because his lack of being an all around director did we get the stiff acting from Hayden Christensen and even Natalie Portman, hell for that matter all the actors and all of them are very good at what they do. George Lucas would not and could not allow his actors of the last three star wars movies to be any better and go any further into there character development because of his lack of knowing how to direct actors...You can certainly see the difference in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi because he did not direct them. The performances where much better.
wasradone 9/21/2006 7:32:23 PM
Hold on, George Lucas is a director? Holy crap, now I get it. I thought he was just a merchandise marketing manager. Anyone should know that nice special effects and colors are nothing without an actual story with believable actors in the foreground to make it watchable. I don't go to the movies to look at the fantastic backgrounds or sets. Look at what the original Star Trek did with styrofoam and paper mache. But yeah, Franco is a good actor, Lucas a hack. Done.
tron2112 9/21/2006 9:13:10 PM
What is all this spite towards George Lucas when the article is about James Franco and his role in FlyBoys? Geeez. You guys really have a hard on for putting Lucas down. Sad Sad Sad. Get over it already! I actually sense a bit of jealousy on you guys part. The man made billions, and he did it with his little ol' Space Opera, and it ticks you all off. Oh well. Sure, the preqrel trilogy wasn't as good the the original, but jeeez, can you guys be any meaner? My 3 kids really enjoyed them, and I liked TPM and Sith a lot. But hey, that's just my opinion on this. It just seemed weird that the responses to this article were nasty comments about Lucas, who wasn't even mentioned in this. Weird.
wasradone 9/21/2006 10:58:18 PM
Yeah, yer right. I'm crackin up just thinking about how we can turn this into a anti-Lucas-a-thon. I guess I just hate him for not choosing decent actors and Franco would've been good, that's all. Death to Lucas :) BTW: Rush rules!!!
gunner 9/22/2006 5:04:37 AM
Lucas: cut! I said CUT!!...Franco, hey franco what the #*@! do you think ya doing? ..what.. your trying to ACT, listen in my movies i dont have actors Jar Jar is our star actor what ya tryin do, beat him to an Oscar? try that stunt again and ya fired got it! ..and Ewan! EWAN! hey i'm talkin ta you! yeah thats right you, that line is too emotional, I want flat! like terminator flat.. ya know "I cannot bear to watch" .. try it again thats it say after me "I CAN'T... BEAR... TO... WATCH" good, good...Chewbacca, hey Chewy!!! ya gettin real on me again...
benthemen 11/5/2008 12:53:55 PM

I'm a huge Franco fan and his new film "Camille" looks to be his best yet.




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