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AFWICK14 6/7/2010 6:09:46 PM

I repeat, no Bell, and most all no Zac Efron

shac2846 6/7/2010 6:13:34 PM

And that's exactly what it is Wise your disappointment. The rest of us seem to be more than excited about Nolan's next batman outing. And his involvement watching over the next Superman has me actually getting a little geeky about that too. Green Lantern is going to own next summer. DC maybe late getting to it's properties but when they come out they are going to kick serious ass! With the exception of Jonah Hex of course.  

AFWICK14 6/7/2010 6:16:37 PM

Joker is not the only one that lived in Nolan world.  Remember the Scarecrow is still out there.  However, I hope Nolan goes out either bring Ra back or maybe some of Batman other rogues into it.  Maybe Croc, Hush, or even a better take on Mr Freeze.  Hey he did restore Twofaces credit, why not Mr Freeze.  I just hope he does not go and bring The Riddler or Penguin into it.  Even if he does I still will see it. 

I am interested to see how Superman pans out, just as long a Lex is giving a rest.  Maybe Brainac.  I know Superman 3 was suppose to be Brainac, but that was screwed up. 

AFWICK14 6/7/2010 6:21:02 PM

shac2846- Don't get me wrong, Green Lantern will be a hit next summer, but with Thor and Captain America, Marvel's hype train is already out of control.  I just hope that Green Lantern is not like the Hulk in 08 and lost in the middle.  I am glad they are making it, but the Ryan Renolds choice has my expectation really low on it.  Not a fan his.  This is his 3 comic book movie.

wessmith1966 6/7/2010 8:14:52 PM

I thought they were moving Spider-Man back to high school. Isn't Bell a little old for that? I think there will be interest in a new Spider-Man movie, but maybe not as much as before if only because there are so many comic book adaptations out there now. When Spider-man first came to the big screen there were all that many super hero movies, especially if you discount anything before 1995. It was special. Not so much anymore.

Any idea of what issues of Avengers Downey Jr. bought? Might give us an idea of where the story's going.

Marmaduke a flop? Gee, I'm shocked. There's way too many safe, formula-story movies this year. Hopefully the next two summers will make up for this year.

Scott Pilgrim is going to be DOA at the box office with a loud thud as it tanks and sinks into oblivion.

I'd like to see Nolan do another Batman, his style, and then have the character rebooted in another style (similar to Sandy Collera/Alex Ross vision). I like the idea of reboots, just like different teams reboot the heros in the comics. I'd like to see Batman in a little more traditional comic book costume. I love the Nolan films; just would like to see a change after 10 years of seeing the character the same way.

SONYMANswallows 6/7/2010 9:00:41 PM

How can you consider Goyer a good writer?

Batman leaves his the Joker to run free to make googly eyes with Rachel.

An explosion burns Harvey Dent not acid? Even BatNipples Schumacher got that part of the story right.

Joker falls from the tower just like in Burton's BATMAN but does not die? Sad rip off.

He wastes screen time with a Bat-fan club in  hockey pads?

Anthony Michael Hall is used and thrown away quicker than a oil cover bird in the Gulf of Mexico.

What idiot would believe Harvey Dent is Batman?

The "lock in Load" line was hillarious in Army of Darkness way but sad.

The bimbos on the boat have are dumb enough to not wonder where there sugar daddy has one in the ocean for so long.

ScareCrow is wasted and Joker does not even try and use his toxins?

A guy in cheap suit beats a guy in a suit of armor up? At least say that lame sonar vision malfunctions.

Even Chicago cops are not lazy enough to check the judges car for explosives.

Did anyine believe for a milisecond Jim Gordon was dead?

And that fall killing Harvey 2 face could have been survived by Betty White.

And Blade Trinity -Where did the Reaver dogs come from?

Kill Whistler again just to intro the Night Stalkers? Frank Drake was a hero in the comics and Goyer raped him for a Dracula that would be wasted like special FX on Twilight..

And how did Blade not smell the human guy he took out was not a Vampire? Oh right Goyer wrote the crap.

And now he wants Ghost Rider to team with the Vatican after he ran away from his Green Arrow Super Max story? I think he needs to give the gerbil back to Rod Stewart if he can get it out his brain via the poop shoot.


He and Uwe Boll need to box for most craptacular movie maker.

monstermaniac 6/8/2010 12:33:33 AM

So Who's up for Flash...........? Anyone? Alright.

Spider Man - Could Careless about , it's done. Its over.

Batman 3 - Cool , Riddler or Mr.Freeze Please. Redeem them Nolan! Hell , cast Carrey back as Riddler and direct him. He was freakin awesome Bad movie or not.

Superman - Yawn...Brainiac Really not much of a Superman fan but for the love of god he has some awesome villians , do something already.

Green Lantern - Low expectations due to their plans for the film and I like Ryan but he's no Hal Jorden. He should have been the Flash. Deadpool will be superb.

Capt and Thor are going to Rape Green Lantern. Nuff said.




Wiseguy 6/8/2010 5:40:50 AM

Damn sony, ok. But Goyer isn't the only writer on most of those projects. Maybe he can't get all the glory but he surely doesn't deserve all the blame

He was involved in all 3 Blades and Dark City, sure Blade 3 wasn't great but being part of the rest is good enough for me to give him some props

SONYMANswallows 6/8/2010 6:51:42 AM

Yeah but Goyer had most of the control and was a bi producer as well. Saying Blade was not great is an understatement. Watching all the behind the scenes work  on Blade  and Blade 2 DVD s you see Goyer is a unreliable troll who was saved by directors.

And Jim Carey was good as Frank orshin but that performance was horrifc just like thr Bat-dildo mobile.

SONYMANswallows 6/8/2010 12:09:26 PM

Shrek is better family fair? Wow I just laughed so hard at that it made milk from 1977 spray out of my nose.

He does look like Chicago's mayor before Michael jackson and sammy Sosa's whitening process.

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