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almostunbiased 7/16/2009 5:09:56 AM

I would completely think this was some big joke if someone just told me about it.

Pendragon0 7/16/2009 2:23:47 PM

That's what I thought about the first one.  The premise was just jaring enough to make me read it and it was a novell idea (no pun intended) but the humor turned too junior high locker room and ruined it for me.

jerichoraine 8/6/2009 8:59:42 AM

I must be too junior high locker room, I'm reading the first one now and find it hilarious.  It has all the best bits from the original pride and prejudice, PLUS ZOMBIES!  What's cooler than that?

thecheckeredman 10/6/2009 12:37:17 PM

I'm struggling through P&P&Z and its a lot of work.  Granted, I have NO frame of reference, I have avoided rading Austen through high school and college as well as bypassed the 1,000,000 films based upon the book as well.  I just don't get it?  I don't have an existing knowledge of these characters or events that would lend itself to the cheekiness of this farse.  It's just not funny and the "zombie mayhem" feels forced.  It sounded like a great idea, but overall, I'm left in the dark.  I'm under the impression S&S&S will read about the same....

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