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Japanese XBox release date, third-party support announced

SOUL CALIBUR 2 coming to XBox

By James Stevenson     August 27, 2001
Source: IGN XBox

Soul Calibur
© 1999 Namco

At Microsoft's XBox news conference today Microsoft revealed not only the release date for the Japanese XBox, but also brand new third-party support for the console.

Most importantly, the XBox has been delayed in Japan until February 22nd, 2002 (2/22/2002). Microsoft will have 12-20 launch titles available with the console's launch. No price was announced but expect it to be close to the American price of $299.

Also, Microsoft announced new third-party support from major Japanese developers such as Namco, Atlus and From Software. Big profile titles such as SOUL CALIBUR 2, RIDGE RACER, DEAD TO RIGHTS, and GAIA BLADE were announced.

The conference was a big step for Microsoft as the company has had trouble securing Japanese support. It appears that the XBox may be headed in the right direction.



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