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Jason Statham eyeing 'Sub-Mariner' and 'The Crow'

    January 24, 2008
Source: www.iesb.net

In a recent interview with IESB.net, macho man Jason Statham ('The Transporter', 'In the Name of the King') mused over the possibility of playing a superhero on the big screen.

"There’s so many cool fucking characters. 'The Hulk', I’ve always been a big fan of but Ed Norton’s doing that. And rightly so. He’s fucking amazing. And he’s working with Louis Leterrier, believer it or not who did The Transporter. I’m trying to think of what would be a good comic book character for me to play," Statham said. "You know, there’s talk of them redoing 'The Crow'. That was a good movie with Brandon Lee, although that was years ago. So if that one comes my way, bang! You know, there’s so many comic book movies out there and most of the time there’s only a handful of people who can do them any justice. Hopefully, they’ll come my way for one of them."

Surprisingly, the actor reveals he's also talked to Marvel about one of their long-gestating projects.

"It’s funny, I took a meeting for 'Sub-Mariner'," said Statham. "I don’t know if I’d look right running around in a tight speedo with wings on my ankles."


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