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Jericho 2.0?

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Jericho 2.0?

Will Jericho live to see another day?

By Robert T. Trate     May 21, 2012
Source: Hollywood Reporter



In a recent interview with THR, Karim Zreik credited the drama's vocal fanbase for keeping it alive and said "from what I hear, sides are talking."

Reports have surfaced that the hourlong drama that starred Skeet Ulrich and ran on CBS from 2006-08 might be revisited on Netflix.

When The Hollywood Reporter recently asked Common Law executive producer Karim Zreik -- who worked on Jericho as a co-EP when it was on the air -- about the prospects, he was all for it.

"We'd be ecstatic if that happened," he says. "From what I hear, sides are talking. I wish I knew more. As you know, the fan base of that show were incredible, and they've all started reaching out since this report came out. It's exciting, and I know the cast is excited too."

Jericho, which centered on the residents of a fictional Kansas town in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States, has had a unique run. After initially getting the ax after one season, CBS brought back the cult favorite for a second round before canceling it for good.

Zreik wasn't worried about going back into the Jericho world and creating more stories to tell.

"Story-wise, [Jericho] has been living on in the comic book world," he says. "It's all the writers from the series, led by Dan Shotz. We've done three issues already. Story-wise, we've got ample story to tell, that's not a concern. I think we're just waiting to see if a deal can be brokered."



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hanso 5/21/2012 9:52:35 AM

 They always say that but it never happens.  Bring it back mofos, bring Jericho back!

noahbody 5/21/2012 10:08:10 AM

What Hanso said, except the mofos part... I never say that I jsu straight up call em Mother Fuckers.

isgrimner 5/21/2012 10:19:16 AM

Aren't a lot of the regulars involved in other projects now?   I don't have Netflix (grandfathered in on one of Blockbuster's old awesome plans)  but I would have to at least get it temporarily to watch this.  I'm probably going to have to get it for Arrested Developement anyway. 

almostunbiased 5/21/2012 2:29:31 PM

This was a great show, but I didn't watch season 2 as I knew they had already said they were done and idk i just was pissed about the whole thing.  Now maybe I'll go back and watch it if they'll make more.

Wiseguy 5/21/2012 3:38:49 PM

Somebody just needs to give Skeet Ulrich a job. I'm tired of shooing this cat off trying to clean my windhield everytime I get caught by a red light in midtown

hanso 5/21/2012 4:26:01 PM

 Lol, that's messed up man.  Don't shoo him though, give him a quarter if he'll reenact a scene from his late 90s classic, Chill Factor, or The Newton Boys.

sportwarrior 5/21/2012 4:26:33 PM

I would definitely be into Jericho if they brought it back. I really enjoyed it while it was on the air and was sad to see it go. And Skeet Ulich isn't a great actor, but he was stomachable in the show. Much more so than he was in Law and Order: LA anyway. I wouldn't mind seeing him back.

wish 5/21/2012 5:04:07 PM

that's nuts.......

Kaziklu 5/21/2012 6:35:32 PM

 I never really got into the show, I payed attention the first season was really too much Little House on the Distopia. It had potential though and I hope Netflix works with it. 

jp64 5/28/2012 10:39:03 AM

 Wow!!! Loved this the first time around and was really hooked on it.  Hope they bring it back.



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