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Jerry Doyle Chat Transcript

    June 12, 2000

SteveVP: Hello. We're chatting today with actor Jerry Doyle, star of the television series BABLYLON 5. To start the chat, I would like to ask a question or two before throwing the conversation open to visitors. Mr. Doyle, fans were excited recently to hear that BABYLON 5 has been picked up to be re-run on Sci Fi Channel. Does news like this, about a job you finished several years ago, have much significance to you as an actor?

Jerryd: First of all call me, Jerry...

SteveVP: Sure thing, Jerry.

Jerryd: And with regards to Sci Fi airings starting in September, it's nice to see a show deserving of prime time to be showing in prime time. And what better vehicle than the Sci-Fi channel.

SteveVP: Could this spark a fire, maybe get a BABYLON 5 movie going?

Jerryd: Cryptically... I don't want to comment at this time.

SteveVP: Do you enjoy going to the sci-fi conventions and meeting fans of the show?

Jerryd: Absolutely. I've had the opportunity to travel around the world... great places... meet a lot of great people... and there's not much down side in that.

Crazysoph: How is the campaign going? If you win the congressional seat and get an acting gig, are you going to try and do both?

Jerryd: As far as the campaign goes, I've never worked harder for no money... in fact I'm spending my own money. And with regard to acting, I've had to put that on hold for several being the time required for both. And secondly, I've made a commitment to the voters in my district and have given them my word. I'm aggressively proceeding into the political arena.

Crazysoph: Yes, the commitment to one activity (and especially the voters) makes sense -- thanks!

sullivanc2: May we hear your position on abortion? (And when can we expect to see all your views summarized on your website?)

jerryd: How did I know you were next? Garialdi's answer would be I'm glad my mother didn't have one. Jerry Doyle the candidate says, being adopted, I obviously champion the rights of the unborn. If you ask anyone, who is pro abortion their position while they were back in the womb, they'd probably be pro life. That said...I believe in a woman's right to choose. I would hope, through education, and empowerment, and consuling, and options such as adoption, that we would work to the point, where Rowe vs. Wade is obsolete not illegal. I pose this question with regard to when life begins: Some will say abortion is not murder, yet if you kill a pregnant woman, you can be charged with double homicide. Just something to think about.

Crazysoph: What's the 'b.s.' part of your site going to finally contain?

Jerryd: Let's see... In politics, strategy is everything. Someone might be able to decipher what b.s. might stand for, other than our traditional 'b.s'. While that might sound, like a Kosh answer, look to my opponent for clues. The clues do not necessarily go far beyond the man himself.

[A question from rangerlyn regarding gun control has been lost, but Jerryd's response is intact]

Jerryd: In response to my NRA friend, I believe first in strict enforcement of existing gun laws and reasonable gun legislation to include mandatory background checks for all purchases, and 'assault' weapons ban. And I say quote because we have different ideas what constitutes an assault weapon. For time's sake, over the coming weeks this will all be available on my website:

Rangerlyn: Mr. Doyle, may I ask why you referred to me as 'my NRA friend'?

Jerryd: The question you posed, is framed in the language of someone who is leading in the direction of the existing NRA position. I say this not with any agenda but having had lunch with Wayne LaPierre and Charlton get a feeling for how these questions are framed. Someone who is not in the 'NRA camp' would frame the question 'how could you not support new laws to keep our children from dieing?'

Rangerlyn: Interesting... FYI, not an NRA member, but am a concerned gun owner (and had no real knowledge of how their position is stated).

wsjb78: Mr. Doyle, for me as European it's quite a bit hard to understand US politics, but the way I see it, for your campaign you use a few major issues (abortion, gun control), but if you become elected, what will your overall course be?

Jerryd: I don't know where you arrived at the conclusion that my principle issues are gun control and abortion. While the media, has managed to use these issues in politically devisive ways, they are not to me the most important issues. Not to minimalize their importance... I will not allow myself to be labeled using the litmus test of Republicans. As for my agenda...number one is education...number two is infrastructure...number three is fiscal responsibility...number four tax reform...number five is health care...number six is a strong military. As stated previously these position statements will be updated on the web site as soon as possible. Please except my apologies, for the delay in updating many of the issues as I have been extremely busy meeting with the voters of the district, hiring my campaign manager, strategist, media advisor, volunteer coordinator, etc., etc. Please keep in mind that because physical text is not on the web site, that does not in any way mean that I do not yet have positions on these issues. My positions are based information, and research not polls.

wsjb78: Sorry to have implemented that thought... it was meant just as an example.

Crazysoph: How is contact with the voters going? Do you get the idea you'll have to swing a lot of voters away from the incumbent?

Jerryd: I love walking the district and meeting with the voters. I'm running my campaign based on the fact that I am not owned, that I do not owe, nor will I be a pawn of anyone. My desire is to represent the district and it's needs. If may positions are popular enough to win the Congressional seat, then so be it. I will not pander. I will not travel the district handing out proclamations. My goal is to represent the voters in Washington with what I perceive to be a Congressional agenda. While politics is local -- schools , roads, taxes -- I also believe that we need to set the bar higher. In February of this year the US of America entered the greatest economic expansion in its history. Why is it that we are not doing the greatest things? In the early 1960's, John Kennedy had the vision to explore the possibility of going to the moon by the end of the decade; I would like to see that same vision today. I'd like to have the opportunity as a Congressman to put the challenge forward that we cure cancer by the end of the decade. Is it not possible that with all the financial wherewithall, and combined brain power that we can't at least put in motion the possibility that this could happen? If president Kennedy had not laid down the gauntlet then, would we have gone yet? And if we hadn't, what would have we have lost in the process? Another question I pose to you.

Crazysoph: Thank you, you also answered another question I had: given the localized qualities of issues like education and infrastructure, I was curious why you chose to run for Congress rather than a more local position.

Jerryd: Answer: I have always been passionate about politics, and was not planning on entering the arena until somewhere around 2004. While shooting a feature in December of 1999, I read that the Republicans had no one to oppose the incumbent Democrat. That is wrong. I didn't feel that it was right that with a 122,000 Republican voters in the district that we couldn't find someone to challenge the Democrat. A Democrat who is a bean counting, tax collecting, representative, who proudly stood behind an admitted perjurer, the President of the US, immediately following the impeachment vote... that is all.

Calspace: Excellent, Jerry, I don't pander either...which is why I sent you the note about my written testimony requested in congress, which looks to opening new opportunities for the free market in space rather than reducing them.

Jerryd: Yeah, yeah... I remember getting it. And I agree that if we increased NASA's funding and privatized certain portions of the commercialization of 'Low Earth Orbit' that NASA will be able to get back to what they do best. We haven't been to the moon in 31 years. I know many astronauts that truly want to explore, not mask their missions under the guise of research and technology.

Crazysoph: As a parting message to you -- thanks for showing, and greetings from nearly 2 a.m. in Ireland. :)

Jerryd: Crazysopy.... 2am in Ireland... to late to be at the horseshoe bar in at the Shelbourne Hotel. But there's always lunch tomorrow at St. Stephens Greens. I miss Dublin.

Crazysoph: Yup, they pour you into your bed after 11 pm here... the weather's good here for once, shall I pencil you in at 1 pm my time? *wicked grin, of course I'm kidding*

sullivanc2: Moving out of politics for a moment, is there any area of the entertainment industry that you would like to try? Directing perhaps? Is it true you have a production company?

Jerryd: I truly enjoyed acting. Correction...I truly enjoy acting... and had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of Babylon 5. My production company is for personal loan out services. At this point, I'm too busy to pursue other avenues of the business.

wsjb78: How did Jerry get involved in B5? I mean what led him to become Mr. Garibaldi?

Jerryd: Right place right time. Got lucky.

Rashana: What do you think about JMS thinking about doing a Babylon 5 movie, which if it's made, will be coming out in 2006

Jerryd: Don't know, can't comment.

Crazysoph: I heard jms would be helping out with some of the writing for your campaign -- has that turned into anything specific? Some of your questioning, about asking why the US is not doing greater things, has a flavor of 'sense of wonder' I've heard Joe talk about. How much of that quality in Joe has influenced you?

Jerryd: Not to sound self serving, but I think Joe's agreement to supporting my campaign comes from a certain shared vision. While Joe and I are polar opposites on many issues, we share a commonality that I believe our TV series explored.

Rashana: Do you think you are anything like Mr. Garibaldi?

Jerryd: When asked the question of character on TV versus the person in real life, I hope the things you like most about the character reflect the person, and the things you like the least reflect the role.

Rashana: over the seasons you started to have less and less hair, what happened?

Jerryd: I wanted the character to show transitions. One of the ways to do that is in the physical. As Garibaldi became more militaristic and extremist, I wanted a more stark visual. But now that I am not going to the set everyday and getting free haircuts...given time, I'll look like Hercules. :)

Rashana: Did you enjoy the crew on the show Babylon 5?

Jerryd: I would wish that every actor had an opportunity to do a series...and a series with as many wonderful, talented, and friendly people as we had on Babylon 5. I hope the audience had as much fun watching the show as we did making it.

Crazysoph: I had heard you asked Joe to write a stronger Lise, in fifth season, to deal with the return of Garibaldi's alcoholism

Jerryd: Correct. To someone not familiar with the complexities of the story line...a new viewer could look at Lise's character as a wimp, but in reality, her quiet confidence was always a safe haven for Garibaldi. I wanted confrontation in the show that I thought would be happening in real life. And ultimately I thought that Joe nailed it in two scenes that come to mind. One being, when I was at Edgar's Enterprises and the other in my quarters on B5. Denise was great to work with and while people might have perceived her as a door mat, she offered so much more to a character that needed so much more.

Crazysoph: I would loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation (asking for a stronger lise)

Agamemnon: What Babylon 5 learn to you? And thank you for showing this chat, it's been worth it, even that time is 4 a.m. here in Finland.

Jerryd: That's funny. I met a group of people last night at a Water front restaurant from Finland. The character I had the opportunity to play...was very liberating because he had so many flaws...allowed you to explore the best and worst in a person, a best friend, a worse enemy, and no worse enemy than himself. The B5 experience taught me the ability -- correction...humility -- perspective and appreciation for all the people who do tremendous work on a day to day basis, who unfortunately don't get the recognition they deserve. An actor who gets multiple takes is some how put on a media pedastal. To me, the people who truly deserve the accolades are teachers, firemen, policemen, and all the people who do the good deeds day to day. While I recognize entertainment has a value and I appreciate the response our show has provided, I keep in context those things that are most important.

SteveVP: Okay, our time with our guest is running out. We'll submit one or two more questions before calling it a night. We've had two questions on the next topic, so I'll submit just one of them...

Ulysses: May I ask how you feel about the US government and corporate practice of withholding technology, medical patents for example, from countries who cannot afford to pay for the technology at going rates, but desperately need it? I am thinking particularly of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, and the pharmaceutical companies refusal to allow (as is entirely legal under GATT and WIPO) their products (the patents on which are held by the US government) to be made more cheaply elsewhere and distributed to those in need?

Jerryd: Your question is extremely complex and touches on many issues. I will attempt to answer in the format we are working under, which is unfortunately condensed due to time constraints. I think the atrocities that have fallen on nations such as Africa are inexcusable. For us as a nation, to sit by and watch 800,000 Rawandans is inexcusable. For us to not place importance on the conflict between the Hutu's and Tsuti's shows that an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality prevails in Washington. We need to address these issues immediately. We need someone in Washington, whether it be on a Congressional or Senatorial level, that is not afraid to expend personal and political capital to effect changes in our policies. Immediately.

Crazysoph: Oh, if there's still time -- will you be getting to debate with the incumbent?

Jerryd: I would hope that we would have the opportunity to debate on numerous occassions those issues most important to the voters in the 24th district.

Agamemnon: What you are going to, if you don't get to the congress?

Jerryd: My downside is that I lose on November 7th. On November 8th, I fly to my home in Florida. I play tennis...I play golf... I fish...And I enjoy myself until Jan. 8th, when I return to California and get another series. Like the one, I had with Babylon 5. Some might say, the actual loss would be in winning.

SteveVP: Well, that's it! Fandom would like to thank our guest for tonight, actor and political candidate Jerry Doyle, for sharing his time with us. We're sorry we couldn't get to all your questions, but we hope you all had a good time. Good night!

Rangerlyn: Thank you, Mr. Doyle, for taking time to chat with us. Best of luck in your campaign! :)

Crazysoph: Thanks, again, Steve

Crazysoph: And thanks to Jerry! (Will try to catch the Horseshoe, sometime)

Ulysses: goodnight, and thank you for chatting with us.

wsjb78: Thank you for the time taken for us, Jerry. Greetings from Switzerland!

Agamemnon: Thank you very much Jerry. Greetings from Finland!

Jerryd: Thanks for dialing in. I appreciate the questions. Please visit the site as we move forward in the campaign. And I appreciate all the support that people have shown for Babylon 5 over the years. Don't count us out just yet!!!


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