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Jet Li Talks THE ONE

Actor doing double time for coming science fiction action film.

By Frank Kurtz     July 16, 2001

You may see four Jet Lis, but there can be only ONE
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Jet Li has been talking about his coming, THE ONE, in which he will be playing both the film's heavy as well as its hero.

While talking to SCIFI.COM, Li gave his take on the production, saying, "The One has a lot of computer help, a special way to shoot it, because I fight myself. It's quite different. I become good guy first, then I become bad guy second, and then I become good guy again to make it work."

The film, which has been directed by James Wong, will tell the story of a man (Li) who journeys through multiple alternative dimensions killing variations of himself and absorbing their power. A police officer in our dimension becomes the evil version's next target, resulting in a clash to save all the dimensions from the killer's dark goals.

Sony is looking to release the film in the fall.


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