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Jet Li Teaming With Jackie Chan?

Jet Li talks about the possibility of teaming with his seeming rival, Jackie Chan.

By Frank Kurtz     July 02, 2001
Source: Action-Adventure Movies

Jet Li in action
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What are the odds of Jet Li and Jackie Chan teaming in a future film? Though Chan has mentioned it as a possibility in the past, Li is suggesting that we might not want to hold our breath waiting.

While promoting this week's upcoming KISS OF THE DRAGON, Li told Action-Adventure webpage guru Fred Topel about the chance of a Chan-LI film, saying, "We talked about it seven years ago when we were in Hong Kong but no studio supported us. No studio supported us to make that film. I think last year we had dinner, we still talked about it. When is the right time to make that film? My fans say Jet Li can beat Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan's fans say, 'Oh, Jackie will beat Jet Li.' Jackie is a friend of mine. We just do our job. He does his, I do mine. I think an audience knows what's Jet Li's style for the action sequences and what is Jackie Chan's style. In Asia, it's crystal clear. This is a Jet Li film, this is a Jackie Chan film where it's comedy action."

When asked if he might be interested in stepping behind the camera again to direct, again, Li said, "No, because I thought I'm not a good director. I produce many movies in Hong Kong, so I like to produce movies or come up with some story and find a good writer to write the story."

Li helmed 1986's BORN TO DEFEND, in which he also starred.


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