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Short but sweet... I love it!

December 16, 2006

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I like to keep my reviews short, I know there are tons of them out there for you to read...

Why do I love Casino Royal? The answer is simple. It was time for a rebirth. A new begining. And the producers of the series agreed. And what we get is a great jumping in point for fans of the series and new comers alike. We get a Bond that is more real than ever before. We still get the action and explosions that we know and love, but with more style and less cheese. We get a Bond girl who is as bold as she is beautiful. We get a villian with a gimick, but a gimick that is not overplayed... we get a good start to a 20+ film franchise... a start that might keep the franchise alive for another 20 films...

Daniel Craig is what I have been hoping to see in a James Bond for years now. Don't get me wrong, I loved Brosnan. I think Brosnan managed to take the best of all the previous Bonds, and make them fit into one nice package... and that is a hard act to follow, unless, you were like me in wanting to see a reimagined 007. I was longing for a more gritty, darker, slightly more realistic take on James Bond. Not that the other Bonds were not entertaining. I love them all for what they are. But I felt it was time to see things go the way of The Bourne Identity... bring the spy world into a darker light, as it would be if a such thing as a 00Agent existed today... sure there can still be the ocassional out of this world stunts or nifty gadgets... but they should be few and far between... the meat of the experience should be the man himself. Luckily for me, and I believe for the franchise, the producers felt the same way. 007 was to be reimagined, his story retold from the begining, and a new man would fill the shoes of the worlds greatest spy. And Daniel Craig in Casino Royale fits this new take on Bond perfectly. He makes the role his own, yet still radiates with a very Sean Connery-esque manliness that the role requires...

I've already said more than I entened too. I just enjoyed the film so much, that I hope you will go and see it. If you are a fan of films like the previously mentioned Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy, or haven't been into Bond since the days of Dr. No and Goldfinger, then you need to check out Casino Royale.

As for those of you who have seen this film, and enjoyed Daniel Craig's performance and would like to see more of him, check out the following films that I recommend:

Layer Cake (Daniel Craig is a drug dealer who is ready to get out of the business... only there are a lot of parties involved who would like to see it an end to his life... the film has a lot in common with other London crime drama's... fans of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels should check it out...)

Archangel (an interesting BBC film with sort of a "What If" twist.... Craig plays an expert on Stalin pulled into a murder mystery and then some... the film has a very Cold War era feel to it... they don't make many movies like this anymore...)

The Road to Perdition (with Tom Hanks and Daniel Craig in a film where bonds of loyality are put to the test when a hitman's son see's what he does for a living...)

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