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Jim Cameron Talks DARK ANGEL Season 2

Creator-producer sheds light on the season ahead.

By Frank Kurtz     July 19, 2001

Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, Rene Echevarria, Chick Eglee and James Cameron during the DARK ANGEL event at TCA fall 2001
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While attending the TCA press gathering in Los Angeles, James Cameron revealed some of the plans for the second season of DARK ANGEL.

While appearing at the event on Tuesday alongside Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, Rene Echevarria, and Charles H. Eglee, Cameron revealed, "What we want to do is expand the DARK ANGEL universe slightly, but stay very consistent and true to the themes and the style that we created for the first season... We're going to stay very focused on the world of DARK ANGEL, which is our world, 20 years in the future, going through a transformative period, [with] the transformation caused by the manipulation of the stuff of life, the DNA that we're all made of. And [with] people who are human beings, except not quite human beings. ... We're going to see people who don't necessarily look completely human, where the changes in their gene sequences are expressing in forms where clearly they couldn't walk into a 7-Eleven without creating a fuss."

Series co-creator Charles H. Eglee added, "Last year, we sat up here and told you all that the character of Max was really a Frankenstein, but the stitches were microscopic. And having explored the mythology of Manticore and the mythology of Max's past and her character, we looked at each other ... and [asked], 'What would happen this year [if] the stitches were macroscopic?' In other words, everything that was internal in Max was externalized in some of these other characters that were coming along. ... Some of the denizens of Manticore have now come into the world."

Cameron compares the changes in the program to be akin to the way the world perceives mutants in the X-MEN movie, saying that Max (Alba) "becomes part of a persecuted minority, and as a result of that, she becomes very self-conscious about people finding out who and what she is and she has to guard her secret even more closely, and that becomes a microcosm for anybody that feels persecuted or alienated or misjudged in our society or in any society.

"So I think that playing out those themes will be very interesting. All these ideas, I think, give the show a kind of conceptual and dramatic size that goes beyond the idea of a run-and-jump action show, which has never really inspired me, even though we take pride in our action."


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