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J.K. Simmons says he and Tobey are down for 'Spider-Man 4' and '5'

    June 06, 2008
Source: www.iesb.net

On the set of the new movie 'I Love You Man', actor J. K. Simmons talked to IESB.net about the possibility of appearing in future 'Spider-Man' sequels as J. Jonah Jameson.

Simmons says he's heard from the producers of the franchise and is still in the loop, even though he's heard nothing specific about production dates and locations.  Simmons also said that Tobey Maguire would like to continue as the lead in the films.

"I spoke to Tobey in, I guess it was February…sort of awards season time and, y’know, he’s certainly amenable to doing some more and hopefully we’ll be able to get everybody back and make another good one," Simmons said. Not wanting to limit himself he added, "Couple, three, four, five!  Whatever, you know, I could buy a bigger house."

Simmons also addressed the issue that director Sam Raimi may not return for future installments. "Well, I can only speak for myself, but, if Sam were not the director but was, still had a hand in it then I would certainly have a reasonable amount of faith in it. You know? Obviously if he’s the director I’m there 100%," Simmons said. "If he’s not involved at all, which I think is VERY unlikely, then it would be a situation that I would have to think about."


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