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J.K Simmons wants to be JJJ again in 'Spider-Man 4'

    December 04, 2007

Actor J.K. Simmons told IGN.com that he'd want to resume his role of J. Jonah Jameson in 'Spider-Man 4', if there is to be such a movie.

"I'm not contractually obligated. My understanding is that no one is. We were all -- those of us who appeared in all the films -- initially signed up to do the three films, including Sam and Tobey and Kirsten and myself and everyone else. I'm hopeful that Sam will do more. I'm sure Sony will do more. I hope to be involved in any case, but it would be doubly great if Sam were still making the movies," the actor said.

While the franchise is likely to continue on, it is unclear as to whether or not Sam Raimi will continue with it or in what capacity. Recent comments have indicated that Raimi may step back to a producing role and hand the directing reigns to someone else.

"I think in any case if he's not -- I love working with him as a director. If he's not the director then I hope that that is the case [that he'll at least help produce the film]," Simmons said. "I hope that he's still very involved in making the movie."


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