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Jodorowsky classics on DVD

Say, picking up a hitchhiker may be a mistake

By Brian Thomas     May 01, 2007

EL TOPO DVD cover.
© Anchor Bay

This week our Prize Closet contains 3 copies of The Hitcher, courtesy of Universal. To be eligible to win one, just send an email to which includes your name and address to DVD Shopping List, and put  the words “THUMBS UP” in the subject line.


This week, our spotlight falls on the long overdue home video debut of two works by an eccentric cinema genius.

(O)   THE FILMS OF ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY (Anchor Bay) Includes Fando & Lis, El Topo and The Holy Mountain (all three available separately), plus the 1950s short La Cravate (AKA The Severed Heads), and the CD soundtracks for both features.
(O)   FANDO & LIS (Anchor Bay) Reissue of  Jororowsky’s fist feature, a bizarre post-apoc romance. With documentary, bonus short and more.
(O)   HOLY MOUNTAIN (Anchor Bay) Jororowsky’s epic 1973 black comedy in which a spiritual figure is introduced by a mystic to seven millionaires, with instruction to take them on a surreal quest to the title edifice. With Jororowsky commentrak, bonus short, deleted footage and more.
(O)   EL TOPO (Anchor Bay) Surreal, rare 1970 anti-western from Alejandro Jodorowsky that became a cult sensation. Classic Americana and avant-garde European cinema sensibilities meet Zen Buddhism and the Bible as master gunfighter and cosmic mystic El Topo (played by writer/director Jodorowsky) must defeat his four sharp-shooting rivals on an ever-increasingly bizarre path to allegorical self-enlightenment and surreal resurrection. First US DVD release. With Jororowski commentrak, interview and more.


(O)   ALICE SWEET ALICE (Hen’s Tooth) Alfred Sole’s 1976 classic. When little Brooke Shields is murdered in cold blood, no one expects sweet older sister Alice, until it’s too late. Includes commentrak.
(O)   ALPHA DOG (Universal) Sordid gangs and drugs drama with a big name cast that includes Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Lukas Haas, Sharon Stone, Emile Hirsch and Harry Dean Stanton. Widesctreen & “fullscreen” editions include Making-Of and more.
(O)   ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD (Warner Bros.) 1951 sports fantasy in which the Pittsburgh Pirates get supernatural help in reaching the pennant. Includes vintage short, cartoon, radio show version and more.
(O)   ART OF THE DEVIL (Media Blasters) 2-pack includes J-horror item and sequel.
(O)   THE BLACK ROSE (Fox) 1950 Tyrone Power swashbuckler.
(O)   BLOOD AND SAND (Fox) 1941 Tyrone Power bullfight epic.
(O)   CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE (Fox) 1947 Tyrone Power swashbuckler
(O)   CLINT EASTWOOD WESTERN ICON COLLECTION (Universal) Includes High Plains Drifter, Joe Kidd and Two Mules For Sister Sarah.
(O)   A COLLECTION OF ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED SHORT FILMS (Magnolia) Includes the live-action shorts “Binta of the Great Idea”, “One Too Many”, “Helmer and Son”, “The Savidor” and “West Bank Story”, and the animated shorts “The Danish Poet” and “Maestro”. Also with bonus shorts “Wraith of Cobble Hill”, “The Passenger”, “Gentlemen's Duel”, “Surviving the Rush”, and the anime “Guide Dog” and “One Rat Short”. 
(O)   THE COSBY SHOW Season 3 (First Look) More laughs with TV’s favorite gynecologist.
(O)   CRAWLSPACE (Wild Eye) 1972 TV-movie
(O)   DEADLY JUSTICE (Image) 1985 police revenge drama starring Richard Crenna.
(O)   DELIVERY (Polychrome/Warner Bros.) New slasher flick from the director of Andre the Butcher. With commentrak, bloopers and more.
(O)   THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER (Wild Eye) 1972 TV-movie
(O)   DINOSAURS Complete Third & Fourth Seasons (Buena Vista) Includes commentraks, behind-the-scenes, featurettes and more.
(O)   FANTASMA Volume 1 (Bandai) A haunted mirror changes the life of a depressed cheerleader.
(O)   FLETCH (Universal) Chevy Chase’s most successful flick is a 1985 mystery comedy in which he plays a reporter who uses disguises and trickery to get his stories. “Jane Doe Edftion” includes Making-Of fgeaturettes.
(O)   GANGS OF THE DEAD (Screen Media/Universal) Two rival Los Angeles gangs are trapped together in a warehouse during a zombie outbreak. Includes commentrak and behind-the-scenes.
(O)   THE HITCHER (Universal) 2007 horror remake with Sean Bean as the psychopathic hitchhiker. Widescreen and “fullscreen” editions include deleted footage, Making-Of and more.
(O)   ILLEGAL ALIENS (MTI) Not everyone knows it, but Anna Nicole Smith starred in several movies. This sci-fi comedy is the last one.
(O)   JASON KING (Image) Peter Wyngarde as a swinging 1971 international man of mystery on the BBC.

(O)   THE JOYS OF JEZEBEL / MY TALE IS HOT (Image) A double feature of sexploitation comedies from 1970 with a Satanic theme from the vaults of Something Weird Video.
(O)   KING OF QUEENS Season 8 (Sony)
(O)   THE KUMARS AT No. 42 (Warner Bros.) Strange but fun BBC talk show/sitcom hybrid about an immigrant Indian family in London who make a TV studio in their back yard so their unemployed son can have his own talk show.
(O)   MODERN MASTERS: IN THE STUDIO WITH GEORGE PEREZ (Starlight) Documentary on the comics great.
(O)   MOTIVES 2: RETRIBUTION (Sony) Intrigue & suspense. With commentrak, Making-Of and more.
(O)   PRINCE OF FOXES (Fox) 1949 Tyrone Power swashbuckler, with newsreel and more.
(O)   THE SINGING HILL (Image) Gene Autrey western.
(O)   TELETUBBIES:Time to Play (Paramount) Sure, you whatchamacallits play while I finish this column.
(O)   TOWER OF THE FIRSTBORN (Lionsgate) 1998 treasure hunt thriller mini-series.
(O)   TYRONE POWER SWASHBUCKLER BOX SET (Fox) Includes Captain From Castille, Black Rose, Blood and Sand, Prince of Foxes and Son of Fury.
(O)   VAN DAMME 3-disc Collector’s Set (Lionsgate) Okay, so he’s no Tyrone Power. Includes Kickboxer, Replicant and Universal Soldier.


(O)   ALPHA DOG (Universal) HD/DVD combo with Making-Of.
(O)   THE HITCHER (Universal)
HD/DVD combo includes deleted footage, Making-Of and more.


We welcome the input of Maniacs who want to share input on this section, where we highlight a different genre feature that has yet to come to digital disc format – just send your suggestions to DVD Shopping List in an email identified with “NOT ON DVD” in the subject line.   

(O)   SANTA SANGRE (Anchor Bay?, Blue Underground? Image? No Shame?) Did you think we’d be satisfied now that Jodorowsky’s long awaited 1970s films have finally reached DVD? To me, this 1990 feature is even better, mixing the influence of Tod Browning, Dario Argento, Fellini and David Lynch into a very strange, grotesque and beautiful circus horror story. Despite the homage list, it’s completely fresh and unlike any other film. Intrigued? Too bad – it’s NOT ON DVD! (In the USA.)

And be sure to check back next week—and every week—for CINESCAPE’s DVD Shopping List! And don’t forget Anime Avalanche every Monday!

DVD Shopping List (© 2006 Brian Thomas) is our weekly DVD column. Brian Thomas is the author of the massive book VideoHound’s DRAGON: ASIAN ACTION & CULT FLICKS, available now!

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themovielord 5/1/2007 12:41:23 AM
EL TOPO finally! I saw this on a midnight movie documentary and it looked crazy! I cannot wait...
lister 5/1/2007 12:52:34 AM
Does the El Topo DVD include a joint?
monkeypie 5/1/2007 10:21:19 AM
This isn't the usual complete list of today's releases. What gives? I depend on this site for the complete goods! Don't stop now! I like exclamation points!


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