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phatts7734 1/22/2009 7:24:11 AM

anybody else think this is a bad idea? how do you expect to make a movie or even a trilogy out of nine trades? i thought the tv series for hbo was a great idea, i can't believe they couldn’t find another network to pick it up. the preacher is a truly epic tale with rich, deep characters and relationships. i would hate to see hollywood, yet again bastardize a story with such crossover potential. as always i'm keeping in fingers crossed.

xenomorph 1/22/2009 10:40:41 AM

This would be better suited as a tv series. Too bad the people at HBO are a bunch of wimps. They canclled it because they said it was too dark, violent, and contraversial. What, True Blood isn't dark? The Soprano's isn't violent? Big Love isn't contraversial? Hipacretes!  



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