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spiderhero 11/1/2010 11:26:24 AM

Every time I think about Burton doing Superman I shudder. Now, I will have nightmares.  Talk about crap-tactular.

ColossusLion 11/1/2010 11:47:04 AM

 Wow... I didn't know they had that in mind for TinTin.  Like it!


millean 11/1/2010 11:48:42 AM

Superman Suit:  The only way that picture of the Superman suit could look any worse would be if I were the one wearing it.  I'm so glad that movie and Justice League: Mortal did not get made.

Tin Tin: Doesn't look half bad from the screenshots alone.  I might check it out.  (Then again, I might not.)

Darkchylde: Color me intrigued.  That's about all I can say for now...

Spider-Man: didn't even care enough to ready any of that part of the article.  Pity.

Green Hornet: Might suck only about half as bad as I thought it might.  Heck, I may even give this a chance, but I still expect it to be crap.  Glad I never really cared for this property.

Rockhead 11/1/2010 1:17:41 PM

The Tintin movie looks interesting... I grew up on those books and have read almost every one. Great stuff for a young kid to read so I'm sure these movies will  be aimed at kids between 8-12 years old. That won't stop me fro mseeing it!

ElBaz13 11/1/2010 1:22:41 PM

Superman: Phew...Love Burton but glad he didn't get his hands on this one. And some of us complained of Singer's Supes costume.

TinTin: Looking forward to this one. Grew up with Tintin and still have all of my books. Not sure of an all Brit/Aussie cast though. I'm use to reading and watching it in its native tongue. 

Darkchylde: Seriously? This comic is a prime example of what was wrong with the comic industry in the 90s. The whole "bad girls" era spawned hacks like Randy Queen and made him popular for such a dreadful comics. Carpenter shouldn't waste his time on this crap. What next? Wes Craven doing Jim Balent's Tarot? groan...

Spidey: Who cares. I too got bored reading that paragraph and not looking forward to a J.K. Simmons-les s Spidey movie.





FerretJohn 11/1/2010 2:40:32 PM

I think I covered the whole Superman thing and why his movies are so hard to make awhile ago.  To recap:  Of course Superman is easily the greatest superhero ever created, no argument there at all, but the problem is he is a pure boyscout, black-and-white hero with little depth or grit.  The comics can give him some background and depth but the movies don't have that kind of time.  Then of course there's his power level, the only way to really challenge Superman physically is with Apocalyptic-level threats which kinda makes for limited options story-wise.  It's the sad truth, being Superman his movies will always have massive hype but, being Superman, he will always have massive trouble living up to it.

As for the suit, thank God that movie was never made.  It's reminding me painfully of George Clooney's Batman suit with the nipples (and at the time I was also cringing over the thought of Nic Cage, wrong hairline and really wrong chin).

BunyonSnipe 11/1/2010 8:53:34 PM

Let's not forget this is just the suit Superman wears while recuperating from being erm... DEAD!

Maybe would have reverted back to the normal red yellow and blue for the finale?


And why so much hate for Tintin stateside?

I grew up reading Tintin and still love those characters...

Wyldstaar 11/1/2010 10:47:56 PM

Bunyon Snipe- You need to check out the Kevin Smith Superman story from the original An Evening With Kevin Smith (it's on YouTube).  The producer of the film at that time John Peters, had three rules that absolutely had to be followed for Superman Lives.  One- No flying.  Two- No red and blue costume.  Three- Superman has to fight a giant spider in the third act.

You really have to hear the whole story from Kevin to be able to wrap your brain around just how awful this movie was destined to be should it ever see the light of day.

BunyonSnipe 11/2/2010 6:08:38 AM

Hahahaha yeah Peters is a douche, they then used the soider in Wild Wild West...

BunyonSnipe 11/2/2010 6:11:18 AM

spider... my typing sucks worse though...

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