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Knightsong 3/11/2007 4:14:32 PM
John Carpenter is by far one of the biggest influences on modern cinema. The film Halloween gave birth to the boogieman slasher genre. The cult loved Big Trouble in Little China was, in my opinion, a wide inspiration for movies and even games. The character of Rayden in Mortal Kombat had to have been lifted directly out of this movie. I have to say I've enjoyed most of his films and he is a sadly overlooked Hollywood asset.
sharpe95th 3/11/2007 4:21:19 PM
Two movies that DESERVE sequels: They Live!: Hiow much more topical can you get than in today's political environment? And aside from political commentary, advances in CGI would give it more UMPH than a Rowdy Roddy Piper body slam. Big Trouble in Little China: With the success of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle an over the top martial arts flick with Carpenter's timing (and Kurt Russell back again) would make this ANOTHER cult sensation. And I say let John Cho of Harold and Kumar get some action/comedy roles alongside Kurt and an older Kim Cattrall would be something to see.
irascible 3/12/2007 1:56:43 PM
I agree Jarrod. Carpenter is one of the greats. He's has some duds lately (Vampires and GOM were horrid) but he's done a lot of great ones considering and on some I think he's been screwed by budget restrictions ("In the mouth of madness" got it's budget pullled so he had to make due with that ending as opposed to the original "fantastic" ending - although it kinda works). THE THING should be left ALONE. I curse anybody who tries to remake that one. I hope it fails... but I am biased, what can I say. No more forced sequels please... Leave Big Trouble and They Live as is - they can only ruin them....
kaybar 3/12/2007 3:42:21 PM
agreed sharpe on the BTiLC sequel
DarkLord 3/13/2007 1:50:29 AM
Nice to see some Carpenter love for once. There are way too many Carpenter-bashers out there.
bjjdenver 3/14/2007 11:40:02 AM
Man, I love JC, even some of his bad movies! For instance, Vampires, this movie just hit a nerve with me. It reminded me of being a kid out playing with friends and making up a team to hunt vampires. I just really wish he had done a better job with E from LA, it could have been great, but was just complete cheese. BTiLC is one of my altime favorites and that is a great idea sharp!! Halloween-freakin best movie ever The Fog-Classic BTiLC-excellent The Thing-another classic EFNY-1981 and still great In the Mouth-what an underrated movie Christine-excellent adaptation a few other faves-Vampires, Prince of Darkness, They Live, Village of the Damned His films just have a great feel to them, even though some may not be the best , they are usually alot of fun!
AlpineWoods 3/16/2007 9:39:22 AM
While I liked The Thing and Vampires, I like Carpenter's non-horror movies a little more. Like Escape from New York, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, and They Live. But I did like his Masters of Horror episode Pro Life.
jnager 3/13/2012 8:40:58 PM

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