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death4sale 6/7/2012 1:16:11 AM

Don't listen to these reviewers. This was a fun movie full of adventure and nostalgia. I haven't felt this sense of adventure in a long time, since the last good Indy film. Lynn Collins is great as Dejah Thoris, the inspiration for every princess character that has ever been depicted in films including Leia. This is a great movie, my second favorite of the year behind The Avengers. It is well staged, full of fun flights of fancy, well-acted, with great visual effects, and it's ten times better than those crap Star Wars prequels.

Give it a chance, I say. I always tell people not to dismiss any film until they've actually seen it. If you want to, don't listen to me but I say don't listen to the reviews either. Go make up your own damn mind. Critics get paid for one thing: to be critical. That's their job, to find faults in every movie even the perfect ones. No critic ever seems happy with any movie, always some flaw must be found even when they post As on this site.

InFamousQBall 6/7/2012 2:33:22 AM

 i really want to see this movie, but i keep hearing all the bad buzz about it, when i first saw the trailer i got this final fantasy videogame vibe, i have an oppertunity to get this movie free from my job on blu ray should i get it? not sure, it looks lik ea pretty cool flick.

death4sale 6/7/2012 3:12:02 AM


Dude, if you can get the bluray for free, then I would grab that immediately. Typically, if you can get a bluray for free I would take it even if the movie is bad. You're lucky to get it for free. Me, I have a deep down urge to collect stuff so I just ordered the Super Ultimate Collector's Tin edition from Canada for $50. That should show my level of devotion to this film. Get that free copy would be my advice. If you like it, keep it. If you don't like it, sell it. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

dalgoda 6/7/2012 5:36:58 AM

Our family loved this movie.  It has been our second favorite movie behind Avengers and we bought the Blu ray on Tuesday when it came out.  Hopefully it does well enough on video and cable to get a sequel but I doubt it.  I would love to see the story continue back on Barsoom.

ntryan 6/7/2012 5:59:44 AM

I agree, this movie was great.  Don't listen to the bad reviews.  It's not just another empty special-effects movie.  There's actually some heart which is sorely missing from movies these days.

InnerSanctum 6/7/2012 6:06:51 AM

 I don't think the problem was that it was an obscure character.  The problem was that they just didn't know how to market the film.  To most, he was a brand new character.  Lots of films are made with large budgets in hopes of starting up a franchise.  I've seen it get a solid C across the, my expectations were a bit low.  This is the kind of film that should have been released at the end of the summer.  

ElBaz13 6/7/2012 6:24:36 AM

If you want a good review of this blu-ray (including technical), go to blu-ray dot com. or high def digest.

This movie was fun and I picked up the blu-ray this week and can't wait to watch it again. Disney produces the best blu-rays out there and you won't be disappointed.


zopilotez 6/7/2012 7:25:07 AM

When this flick first came out, it was like the second coming of pop cinema to most genre sites, after the perceived flop, all its shotcomings appeared. Critics: just stand for what you´ve already said don´t jump over the "Its a flop" bandwagon just to validate yourselves.

ElBaz13 6/7/2012 7:39:17 AM

I agree.

I was on a deals forum the past week and a lot of posters were saying crap like "ew, I don't care about a $5 coupon, this movie is not even worth it"

The majority have never seen it and just riding on the critics and box office numbers.

It still made 282 million worldwide. Sure it didn't make profit but it sure didn't lose a ridiculous amount of money. 52% on RT.  Don't hate because other people do.

parallaxview 6/7/2012 7:59:54 AM

 I really missed out on what this movie was about.  According to the reviewer, John Carter TRANSFORMS into Mars.  

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