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Tevii 5/28/2014 7:43:39 AM

I was hoping he was gonna be Jay Garrick... but thats still cool I guess

Redshirt1 5/28/2014 8:37:32 AM

I was also hoping that he would play Jay Garrick, but I suppose based on the trailer it makes sense. It seems as if this rupture caused by the accident in Central City is the cause of super powered people on Earth, which means that in this DC Universe their never was a Jay Garrick Flash. However, since comic book Flash can travel between dimensions Jay Garrick Flash could still show up.

Redshirt1 5/28/2014 8:38:41 AM

Of course this also means that Shipp should get used to wearing orange jumpsuits.

Wiseguy 5/28/2014 10:45:56 AM

 I was hoping he'd play Barry's father so there, I got my wish 

Eldogg42 5/28/2014 12:27:16 PM

Does anyone over a Mania, have any clue why the forbidden post keeps happening!!

RobertTrate 5/28/2014 1:16:25 PM

 Nope. We installed some new security. Keep at it. 

hanso 5/28/2014 3:20:51 PM

He is Dawson's dad not the Flash's!!

BunyonSnipe 5/28/2014 5:25:32 PM

I still think they should make Jay Garrick a fictional character on a tv show that Barry was a fan of as a kid and maybe he and his father go trick or treating and Shipp dresses in a Golden Age Flash costume...

BunyonSnipe 5/28/2014 5:30:28 PM

I have a feeling there will be a kid called Walter West in a coma and they figure out that the chmicals in Barry's blood can save his life and it kick starts a Kid Flash storyline, which may end badly...

reek 5/30/2014 12:47:01 PM

 @BunyonSnipe, totally agree,  a Jay Garrick appearan ce would have been better than playing Bary's Dad.

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