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Duckbeaver 10/19/2011 9:34:47 AM

As far as DC/Marvel debate goes, some could argue that Marvel oversaturates to the point where it makes the general viewing public indifferent about superhero films.  For every "bad" DC film (like Green Lantern or Superman Returns), you have Blade: TrinityHulkDaredevil, Elektra, X-Men: Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fantastic Four 1 & 2, Spider-Man 3, Punisher/Punisher: War Zone or Ghost Rider.  I'm not saying that these are all God-awful (I actually like 1 or 2 of them for what they are: cheesy action films), but they're good examples of when audiences looked at them, shrugged their shoulders and went "eh, whatever."  With DC, taking time with projects has paid off for the most part.  I know some people have issues with them, but the Nolan Batman films have been very well-received in general and gotten the bad taste of the Schumacher era out of everyone's mouths.  And DC's animated projects (Batman: TAS, Superman: TASJustice League/JLU) have been some of the most popular shows on television and regarded as pioneers in animation.

I think most fans' main issue with GL is that it had the potential to be like Iron Man and open up the concept of the "shared movie universe" to DC.  You could believe that Amazonian Princesses, Last Sons of Krypton, Scarlet Speedsters, Martian Manhunters and even Kings of Atlantis would inhabit a universe patrolled by the Green Lantern Corps.  Heck, even working in the down-to-Earth concept of Batman wouldn't be too hard a stretch (that's what The Avengers is planning to do: mix fantastic elements like Thor with scientific-based heroes like Iron Man).  But GL was just so average and mishandled as a film that it's probably going to be awhile until we see that "shared universe," which may just piss off the fans even more.  I agree with others on here that Green Lantern can be mostly salvaged with a better sequel, but ultimately that's up to Warner's head honchos who may not feel like trying for a bad investment 2 times in a row...

DarthDestructicus0793 10/21/2011 2:06:19 PM

The problem I had with the Green Lantern movie is that from the beginning, the creation team sought to include all history and past story arcs into the story.  The creation team should have picked one story arc and ran with it.  Truthfully, they should have hewn extremely close to Johns' retcon story where Hal receives the lantern and power ring from Abin Sur after Abin Sur had received the Blackest Night prophecy from Atrocitius.  This would have set it up so that Hal Jordan spent more time off-world on OA being trained by both Kilowogg and Sinestro as well as setting Sinestro up for being such a strict, narrowly-focused corp member that saw no problems with going to the extremes to preserve order. This storyline would have set it up perfectly for a sequel where Jordan learns exactly who Sinestro really is in terms of Korugar and pits Jordan vs. Sinestro with him kicked out of the GL corp.  This would have led to a third sequel that really could have been an abbreviated Sinestro Corp War.

I think Blake Lively sucked as Carol Ferris. In the comic, Carol is a take-no-crap-I-don't-give-a-flying-flip business owner of Ferris Aircraft. She is so hurt over the love that never was between her and Hal that at the beginning of Johns' retcon story, she is nothing but a "witch with a 'B'" to Hal. I also thought it was a major screw up to locate the central power battery in the middle of OA. Everyone who knows about the GL mythos knows that the Central Power Battery is always placed on the highest elevation on OA for all to see. One of my biggest problem is that if Parallax is fear personified, you can never destroy it.  I think the creation team screwed up on making Parallax a being that could be killed because if they make a sequel, how are they going to explain this? Krona and Parallax are separate entities in the GL mythos and should have been dealt with like that.

I really had no problem with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Mark Strong as Sinestro, Temura Morrison as Abin Sur or any of the CGi GL corp members. Other than the Guardians' Citadel open to the elements like it was and the location of the central power battery, I had no problem with how OA looked.  If I was to make a sequel, everything about OA minus these two things would remain the same.  I would lose the whole "my family is mad at because I am following in Dad's footsteps as a test pilot" angle.  It wasn't really relevant to the story; if Hal had a problem dealing with fear, that issue could have been presented minus the family.  I would keep the father's death as part of the origin story but I would have made it a memory recap as Hal shared "why" he was so fearful.  I also would have made Hector Hammond a separate side story that I would have developed as the movie sequels progressed. 

I think the biggest problem is that the movie was written and directed by persons who had no prior/previous knowledge of the GL mythos or character.  I think Johns, Tomasi or someone from DC should have been on the writing team from the beginning  I think that when they did bring Johns in, it was too little too late. I also think that because the movie creation team had no real prior knowledge of the character or GL mythos, it strayed too far from what was already created.  I loved how the uniforms were generation from the emerald energy of willpower but I think that the corp member's lantern looked absolutely dumb.  When I saw the "Special Features" on the Green Lantern blu-ray, I saw that the movie creation team made lanterns that looked somewhat like what we have seen in the comics. (As well as rings too.) The reason why Christopher Nolan's Batman has worked because the essential character of Batman is easily recognizable even though the bodysuit that Nolan's Batman wears isn't exactly like the gray & blue spandex costume he wore all the way up until the early 1990's.  Nolan didn't stray that far from the visual canon that was already created.  I (we) can appreciate an updated Batmobile that wasn't a convertible Corvette because driving around in a convertible Corvette fighting crime is absolutely silly.  But when we see Nolan's Batman and his tool-belt with its many devices, we immediately recognize Batman. The movie creation team didn't accomplish this.

I could go on but the point is that if DC and WB are going to make another GL movie, they should start over. Scrap that shit that was in the movie theatres earlier this year and make a proper GL movie. Just my two cents...

karas1 10/21/2011 5:44:52 PM

The two biggest problems with the Green Lantern movie were that the script was unfocussed and poorly written and the character of Hal Jordan was an irritating twit. 

I can understand the plot thread that Jordan had a problem with dealing with fear that he had to overcome (though if that was the case, why would the ring pick him in the first place?)  It's a kind of standard plot in this kind of movie.  But Jordan was such a self pittying jerk that he wasn't a protagonist that anybody would want to root for.  I wanted to smack him upside the head and give the ring to somebody who spent less time whining. 

Maybe Hector Hammond, who was a more sympathetic character, at least to start with.  I never really felt that the death and destruction he caused were really his fault.  Parallax was influencing his actions and causing him to over react to perfectly normal reactions he had to the way other people treated him.  I really wanted him to be cured, not killed.

als72653@aol.com_home 10/23/2011 11:20:37 AM

it was a good movie not great but good.axia is right if they are smart they will do a JLA movie or marvel will own the superhero movie biz.

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