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Join THE LEAGUE before they strike

Your Comics2Film roundup for 11/19

By Rob M. Worley     November 19, 2008
Source: Various

Poster art for the independent movie THE LEAGUE (slideshow)
© Kyle Higgins

Who is 'The League'? Better find out before they strike. Michael Uslan talks 'The Spirit'. Everyone watches the 'Watchmen'. Here's your Comics2Film news bits for November 19th.

The League


Director Kyle Higgins alerts us to his indie film project 'The League'. It's a movie he made under the mentoring of Tom Mankiewicz ('Superman'). It features characters designed by the lovely and talented Eric Wight ('My Dead Girlfriend').

Here's the synopsis:

With the 1946 formation of "The League of Heroes" in Chicago, the country is introduced to the first ever Superhero Labor Union. Founded by The Grey Raven, his kid sidekick Sparrow, and the amazing Blue Blaze, The League of Heroes was a beacon of hope against evil and tyranny in Chicago. Now twenty years later, as The League is about to expand nationally, an old adversary makes a murderous comeback. Drawn by the rampage, the former sidekick Sparrow returns to the city--and The League--for the first time in years.

You can watch the movie in HD at

Michael Uslan talks movies

Big Kev's Geek Stuff chased down producer Michael Uslan ('The Dark Knight', 'The Spirit') and chatted up his various projects. Watch and learn:

[LINK] - Thanks to Matt for the tip.

Watchmen on the cover of SFX

SFX 177 features WATCHMEN

The cover of Issue #177 of SFX on sale today, features new artwork from 'Watchmen'

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

Channing Tatum is not 'Captain America' (but wouldn't mind the gig)

There's buzz building that 'G.I. Joe' star Channing Tatum is somehow a contender for the lead role in 'First Avenger: Captain America'.

However, the truth is any attachment at this point is just dreamcasting on the part of the fans, mixed with some suggestion from the Cinematical website. While visiting the set of 'Dear John', the folks at Cinematical put the super soldier bug in Tatum's ear by asking him if he would like to play the Star-Spangled Avenger on the big screen.

"Captain America? Oh my God! Oddly enough, I just got given a book – one of the painters came up and here gave me a book. I would think about it. Maybe it's destiny! I would definitely think about it – I just got done doing G.I. Joe, though. If Joe does well, and it doesn't seem to be the exact same story, then I would. I don't know. They seem to be very, very similar – almost identical. Except for the – I think he takes a serum? Like a strength serum? [But the WWII setting] could be very very cool."

Is it destiny? Is anyone attached to the movie thinking about casting Tatum? So far it would appear not to be the case, but if Tatum's enthusiasm continues, who knows what could happen?

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


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monkeyfoot 11/19/2008 8:17:54 AM

That Michael Uslan interview is great. I don't think many fans know that he is the producer who own the  movie rights for Batman and has been behind every movie made (good or bad).

Though my entusiasm for the Spirit movie has waned (It looks more like Sin City 2 than Eisner actual comic), I'm looking forward to the new Shadow movie (should be very film noir, not the silly Alec Baldwin film), and the Doc Savage film (gotta star Duane "The Rock" Johnson) he has planned.

violator14 11/19/2008 11:28:23 AM


st8fromvegas 11/20/2008 3:12:05 AM


does anyone else think captain america and j.i. joe are very very similar like Channing Tatum said? i dont see it. as for him playing cap,i can see the build and stuff,but the guy sucks ass and cant act.i sat threw 2 of his lame dance movies with my daughter and the guy is a bad actor (he can dance though) so uless cap is going to have a dance off with the red skull,i just dont see him doing this role.

Dazzler 11/20/2008 4:33:41 AM

League movie is pretty decent looking so far within 7-8 mins I watched so far.  I would like to see stuff like this on regular tv somehow. 

violator14 11/20/2008 9:14:36 AM

I thought Channing Tatum was really good in STOP-LOSS. Pretty good movie actually.

CaptainAverage 11/23/2008 8:41:51 PM

I really love the idea of Michael Uslan setting up The Shadow and Doc Savage.

As one of the few who enjoyed the previous film versions [Ron Ely as Doc, Alec Baldwin as The Shadow] for what they were [earnest if somewhat misguided efforts that got the characters at least partially correct], I'm absolutely eager to what what can be done with them by people who actually understand them.

Great find on the interview.



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