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Jon Favreau on 'Iron Man 2' and beyond

    June 06, 2008

Jon Favreau talked with from the set of the new movie 'I Love You Man', where he's wearing his actor hat. Favreau was willing to talk to the press about the success of 'Iron Man' and plans for 'Iron Man 2'.

In between takes on this film, the actor/director is also coordinating material for the DVD release of 'Iron Man'. "We are going to do a commentary. I just got delivered a whole bunch of extras that look really, really good. We had cameras on the set all the time. They put together something for ‘Iron Man’ that spans from the first story meetings, to designing the suit, all the way through mixing it up at Skywalker Ranch, through the premiere."

At the time of the interview, Favreau said he's ready to dive into 'Iron Man 2' and sees plenty of potential story lines to draw from the pages of the comics. However, he still is not contracted to direct the second movie.

"I haven’t been hired to do it yet. I know that Robert [Downey Jr.] and I have talked a lot about what types of things we would like to do, and how to play into the strengths of what we discovered last time around. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves. Hopefully that won’t be too long in coming," Favreau said.

Favreau sounded optimistic that things will work out to everyone's satisfaction, and attributes the slownes in signing a deal to Marvel's attention being on their upcoming release.

"I think that Marvel has their hands full right now. They have another big movie coming out right now, with 'The Incredible Hulk’, and that’s coming out in a couple of weeks. I know from when I was in that position on ‘Iron Man’ a lot of the heavy lifting for the studio comes in at this stage in the game," Favreau said. "Hopefully when the dust settles everybody will be ready to get their head in the game and try to make some more movies."

Favreau did talk about the possibility of using The Mandarin in a sequel. "We have ‘The Ten Rings’ in [the first movie], but ...I’m glad that we didn’t try to attack the Mandarin the first time around. There is a lot that is very relevant about that character, in the pool of the landscape that we find ourselves in, but there is something off putting and distasteful about the way that the Mandarin had been presented back in the 60’s."

Of course, the famous "Demon in a Bottle" storyline is on the director's mind as well.

"That one is definitely brought up a lot. How do you handle ‘Demon in a Bottle’ and when does it come in? I think it happened in the 80’s, which was 20 years after the first ‘Tales of Suspense’ so ...when do you play the ‘Demon in a Bottle’ card? How does it fit in? ‘Demon in a Bottle’ also relates to ‘War Machine’ and James Rhodes’s arc. What villains are you dealing with and how much effort do you put into revealing a whole set of characters."

Favreau was asked about the new crossover effect that Marvel is layering into its films, linking 'Iron Man' to 'The Incredible Hulk' and to 'Captain America' and 'The Avengers', which he'd also like to direct.

"Clearly I have stated that ‘The Avengers’ would be fun. But I look at their release schedule and they have announced ‘Iron Man 2’ for 2010 and then ‘Avengers’ for 2011. I know from experience there is no way I could. I don’t know what they have in mind, but there is no way that ‘The Avengers’ could be done in a year. Either they are thinking about somebody else doing it or they have something up their sleeve that I don’t know. I know these movies take time to get right."

For more of Favreau's thoughts on the armored avenger, as well as 'Hancock' and 'The Dark Knight' click through to the complete Q & A.


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