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Jon Favreau not signed to 'Iron Man' sequel

    May 15, 2008

/Film reports that 'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau has not yet been signed to direct the sequel to the astounding hit movie.

While speaking on the Howard Stern radio show this week Favreau said: "They haven’t offered me anything yet. They’re all talking - they want to do it, they even announced a date."

It would seem highly implausible that the Marvel would not employ Favreau for the sequel, given the success of the movie. The movie opened huge in large part due to Favreau's relentless promotion of the film. The movie has excelled in its second week because it's just a damn fine movie, also due to Favreau's direction.

The actor also told Stern he collected a tidy $4 million salary and enjoys a modest participation in the film's net profits. As Hollywood deal watchers know, net profit sharing is fairly dubious as even the most successful movies appear never to make a profit due to the wizardry of Hollywood accountants.


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