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Jon Favreau and the secrets of Iron Man

    January 04, 2008

Jon Favreau talked to MTV about 'Iron Man' and the DVD return of his celebrity talk show 'Dinner for Five'. Favreau revealed that the movie should fall in to the 105-120 minute range and he's close to approaching a final cut of the film.

"There's a lot of effects work that's going to be happening [on 'Iron Man'] in the next six months. The movie is pretty much going to be everything that it's going to be by the end of January," Favruau said. "Because so much of it is animated and CGI you have to turn it over and let those people do their work on it. So we'll be done in about a month with all the big creative decisions. And then the rest of it becomes about scoring and sound design."

The director said that he's been showing it to friends, including longtime collaborator Vince Vaughn.

"He brings a lot to the table in terms of giving a reaction that I trust. His big thing is story. Is it as strong a story as it can be? And that's what you're constantly hammering at when you're trying to get a movie right. All the other stuff tends to fall into place," the director said.

"What's nice about 'Iron Man' is it's a clean canvas and I get to use what's in the books. I chose to stay fairly true to it, but I left enough room for myself and the performers to deviate a little bit and take a few left turns. It's nice to be able to start my own world within the Marvel universe."

And what about rumors that Hilary Swank, Samuel L. Jackson...and even The Hulk will appear in the film?

"Again, I don't want to confirm or deny any of this stuff. I think it's a fun game. Every Marvel fan is like Columbo. They can take in very little information and they can piece together the whole scene of the crime. But I'm not going to show any cards before I have to."


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