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Jones crush puny Banner!

Horror writer Bruce Jones takes over scripting chores with HULK #33

By Eric Moro     July 18, 2001
Source: Marvel Comics

John Romita Jr.'s re-imagined concept for the Incredible Hulk
© 2001 Marvel Comics

With the last issue from fan favorite Paul Jenkins fast approaching, Marvel Comics has once again reached outside its "House of Ideas" to tap horror write Bruce Jones as the new scribe for the INCREDIBLE HULK (as of issue #33). Well-known for his work on HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND, TWISTED TALES and various other horror writings, the author looks to bring his unique sense of "reality" with him to the series.

"I'll borrow from that 'darker' stuff the sense of heightened reality that's always been a staple of my work, but the new Hulk won't be a horror series," says Jones. "If I had to use a key word, it would probably be 'paranoia.' Essentially, this is a story about one man up against the wall whose worst enemy is himself. To a lesser or greater degree, that's true of all of us. You may love the Hulk -- or hate him or admire him or whatever -- but at the end of the day, he's in a class by himself. It's Banner who's most like the rest of us, and it's his psyche I'll be probing."

The scribe goes on to describe his run on the INCREDIBLE HULK in terms that most are familiar with: a traditional Hollywood franchise.

"It will appear fairly linear: a very desperate man on the run from both the law and unseen, malignant forces, with one eye on his own blood pressure to keep the genie bottled," says Jones. "Again, the 'feel' will be largely paranoia, much of that coming from the inner turmoil of the protagonist himself. More than anything, I want the reader to get inside Banner's head, to be Banner. If I had to pick an analogous movie, it would probably be INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS... the first one, of course. And that's in terms of vibe, obviously, not content."

Written by Jones and penciled by John Romita Jr., INCREDIBLE HULK #33 will reach comic shops in November 2001.


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