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Prometheus 2 Date Set (Article) - 3/25/2014 2:50:34 PM

The first one can be considered a comedy it was so effin stupid!!  I dont expect anything less from the second, plot holes???  more like plot craters!!!

New Hercules Photo and Trailer Details (Article) - 3/25/2014 2:43:09 PM

LOL.. sorry guys. its just a pic. dont really know her.. :(

I understand what u guys are saying about the steroids, but i was just making an observation, nothing else.  Not saying its illegal or hes a bad man or anything like that...Im just sayin.. this boy is huge and he does a lot of steroids . (period)

New EDGE OF TOMORROW Trailer (Article) - 3/25/2014 2:37:37 PM

Terminator 5: The source code to Elysium!!!

Mania Box Office Report: Divergent over Muppets? (Article) - 3/24/2014 3:30:59 PM

Mr. Peabody cost 145 million to make???  i find that a little

New Hercules Photo and Trailer Details (Article) - 3/24/2014 3:11:13 PM

This boy is on a LOT and i mean A  LOT of steroids!!!  Did u see the other pics???  Holy crap  he got huge!!!

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer 2 (Article) - 3/24/2014 2:58:21 PM

Alright!!! its about damn time.. this is goin to b "one crazy summer" !!!  LOL

Looks like Storm bites it early in the movie.. thats why Logan goes back.. they are married or something in the future... and he loves her soooo much.. booo

anyway, looks like a fun ride.. def getting on. lata

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Nerdist Exclusive Trailer (Article) - 3/21/2014 1:27:38 PM

That lokos great!! Cap can really kick some ass. He looks a little tougher in this one.. not so quiet.. nice!!!

Arrow: Suicide Squad Review (Article) - 3/21/2014 1:24:53 PM

ok dude.. if u say so..

Arrow: Suicide Squad Review (Article) - 3/21/2014 9:49:16 AM

NIT PICKING!!  everyone.. and Tim Janson.. tisk tisk for u listening to these guys and changing your original GRADE.. very disapointed in you.. shows that you are weak and easily influenced. Dont do it again!!! The show was good. It was setting us up for weeks to come. No body bitches when we see Darly and Beth for an hour just talking in TWD. Doing absolutely NOTHING the entire show!!  This episode had some cool action.  I thought it was great that diggle ran downstairs to save Deadshot. and that he was the target NOT the house... "umm deadshot stand right next to the toxin.. I want to get a good picture for my FB page" " hold that pose for just 10 more minutes..  thank you.. LMAO. 

And the voice of Harley in the jail cell was very cool.. I cant wait to Bruce Wayne!!  AND  where the hell is FLASH???  is he making an appearance this season or what????

The Signal Trailer (Article) - 3/21/2014 9:35:38 AM

ANother sci-fi movie taht takes plae in the desert.. i guess they save a lot of money taht way.  I dont see anything happening in this movie AT  ALL!!  why would anyone go see it?? Theres about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes of just nothing happening until the last 15 minutes probably.. F that!!


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