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Arrow: Left Behind review (Article) - 1/26/2015 3:39:23 PM

Good epsiode, but the whole thing felt rushed to me..  Bringing Oli back so quick.  They could of kept us hanging for another episode. Laurel becoming Canary. That could of taken another episode or two.. maybe her thinking about it in her apt with the costume sitting there.. maybe her trying it on.. who knows??  But take ur time.. we aint goin no where. But Felicity's acting is killing me.. her fake crying is gettin on my last nerve.. she needs a slap!!

NEW Justice League: Throne of Atlantis CLIP (Article) - 1/26/2015 3:30:42 PM

And they are all built EXACTLY the same??? From the legs to the torso to the traps???  COme on. Thats So lame..  a very lazy way of animating and not giving each character their own indiviuality.. IMO


And i agree about Shazams voice but Batmans voice seems ok to me

Star Wars Spin Off Possible Leading Ladies (Article) - 1/22/2015 10:06:00 AM

Who cares???   Do a spin offf of Han -flippin- Solo and Chew-flubbin-bacca... WITH THE dosh garn Milennium Mother Dumpin Falcon!!!!


The end

NEW Everly Trailer (Article) - 1/22/2015 10:02:06 AM

Looks like a whole latta fun!!!  Oh yea, and Selma.. Shes way hot!!

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 1/15/2015 9:59:52 AM

OMG.. Please remove this whole GD article already.. Its been 2 years!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN!!!

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/15/2015 9:50:20 AM

Calamity???  Are u telling us everything????  Was it ur finger in the socket???  Come on now.. come clean...

Shock-O-Rama: Haunter - The Most Original Ghost Story in Years (Article) - 1/15/2015 9:46:40 AM

Talking about the review or the movie itself??  Thats the best you could come up with?? A "B" movie from 2013??  There have been so many movies in the last 2 years that i want to hear about... I have a list of about 20 of them...Another, Patrick, The starnger Inside, Final Girl, Devoured, Here comes evil, The Appearing, Contracted... many more.. any of these good??

The Flash - Revenge of the Rogues Trailer (Article) - 1/15/2015 9:37:11 AM

elbaz.. watch the begining of Flash!!  Season 1 and 2.. GREAT show.. U will love it more..

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/14/2015 11:30:11 AM

LOL @ Violator!!..

Right Higgy.. I doubt he gets killed from lightning or electricity.. hes a GOD.. if he does die in this, as well someone should, he will def be back.... thats for sure. One of the humans should die.. Black widow, Hawkeye, Tony Stark.. That would be sick!!!

Escape From New York Remake now at FOX (Article) - 1/14/2015 11:22:42 AM

Escape from NY was the original, then a crap bomb came out called Escape from  LA, which was part 2.  I  dont think they should go back to the original.. new characters and new director..keep it simple.. no special eeffcts.. like a tidle wave!!! OMG... That was embarassing.. my friend and I looked at each other like... Whaaaaaaat????    Terrible idea.. keep it serious.. keep it dark.. keep it cool baby


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