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Earth to Echo Official Trailer #2 (Article) - 3/21/2014 9:30:56 AM

I hope that thing eats all those kids at the end.  That would be a cool ending.

Arrow: Birds of Prey Trailer (Article) - 3/21/2014 9:27:31 AM

Great show!! I  was a huge fan of Smallville, but this show blew it away in its first season!!  totally hooked.. i hope they use Amell for the movie.. that would be really cool.

No Marc Webb for Amazing Spider-Man 4 (Article) - 3/19/2014 11:40:54 PM

I hear ya SpideyBD!!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Final Trailer (Article) - 3/19/2014 11:27:06 PM

AGREE  AGREER AGREE wit you guys!!!  Webbin' aint easy.. this looks better and better, i just dont want to see any more trailers.. i can not wait to see this in the movies. I wish we could all see it together.. i need to see these movies with some real spidey fans!!!   its goin to be non-stop action.. even the talking scenes will lead to another action scene.. it should b epic and start the summer off right!!!

3D or no??

Did Harry Osborn say "its been 10 years"???  They are saying its ten years since high school??  huh??  

The Giver Official Trailer (Article) - 3/19/2014 11:21:53 PM

OH  MAN... i read the title as The Gyver!! LMAO.. I was so pumped for the trailer, i was like cool, jeff bridges is in it... they are goin to inhest him with the alien tech...  then i was like oh crap.. it says GIVER.. damnnnnn yoouuuuu!!!!!    Looooooooserrrrrrrrr.. LOL

Shock-O-Rama: Strip Nude for Your Killer (Article) - 3/17/2014 3:41:52 PM

excellent!!  BAck when tits were real!!  and they bounced!! mmmmmm

No Marc Webb for Amazing Spider-Man 4 (Article) - 3/17/2014 3:24:46 PM

But these people were NOBODY before these roles and they return to being a nobody.. looks at Toby Mcguire and Raimi.. who the hell were they before spiderman?? we knew them but a lot of people never even heard of them.. now u can use them in a sentence and everyone knows who you are talking about. Plus they havent done anything really good since.. same for Dunst.  Who the hell was Jackman before woverine?? look at Dean  Cain now.. hes horrible.. he was goin nowhere now hes the BEST "c" rated actor ever..LOL.. Tom welling.. hes a goin nowhere... Im just saying

No Marc Webb for Amazing Spider-Man 4 (Article) - 3/17/2014 3:20:17 PM

Exactly Elbaz..

reek.. I googled it.. it says hes no but back then things were a lot different.. today they make millions upon mmillions and dont have to do another damn thing.. i dont kno.. thats me i guess. but im not them so i dont really know

4 Minute Rhino Appearence? (Article) - 3/17/2014 1:45:02 PM

Damn u LOGIC for living up to your name.. daaaaamnnn yyouuuuuu!!!!

Mania Review: Need for Speed (Article) - 3/17/2014 1:37:46 PM

Hey.. didnt see the movie yet, but this review makes me want to even more.. I love Mustangs.. i own one.. I  loved LOVED LOVED the game.. NEED for SPEED:most Wanted.. one of the best games i have ever played!!!  This movie  got some bad reviews, but I need to hear that the movie is fun and the stunts are cool and thats its just as good as FnF!!!  Thats enough for me.. still havent seen GETAWAY yet with Ethan Hawk  another movie with a HOT mustang in it.. I assume these movies are similiar in the way that they are not goin to win any awards but are fun to watch because of the chase scenes and explostions etc...


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