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Ant-Man Teaser Trailer Arrives (Article) - 1/7/2015 9:45:52 PM

Looks like a good summer movie!!  Im IN Definetly.. (do u know the definition of INDEFINETLY??  When my balls slap against ur ass, Im in definetly!!!)  LMAO

Anyway, its goin to be a good movie.. Very cool superhero with very cool powers... looks like good CGI.. shut up and wait for the next trailer u dope heads!!!

Penny Dreadful Season 2 Teaser (Article) - 12/28/2014 11:04:05 PM

Great cast!!  Great directing!! Amazing sets!!  Love the story lines.. Eva Green is so GD sexy!!!!

Westworld Tease from HBO (Article) - 12/25/2014 9:05:07 PM

The Leftovers??? Horrible. dumb name for a dumb show. terrible writing. please make it stop

Kim Dickens Cast For Walking Dead Spin Off (Article) - 12/25/2014 9:01:51 PM

Where does it take place? West coast? I thought they said Pennsylvania for some reason... I guess it doesnt really matter. Cant wait to hear more and find out how far away the show really is.. Years??

New Jurassic World Photo of Pratt and Raptor! (Article) - 12/19/2014 9:14:56 PM

I can see either Bradley Cooper or Pratt playing either a Indiana Jones role or better yet a Han Solo movie.. which would kick ass!!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Exo Zombies Teaser Trailer (Article) - 12/19/2014 9:12:01 PM

That didnt show me much... smh

The Good, The Bad, and The Battle of the Five Armies (Article) - 12/19/2014 12:32:12 PM

VEry cool.. Love reading the posts about this. I learn more than i ever could about somthing that i find so cooll!!   Thanks guys..

Spider-Man for Captain America: Civil War?! (Article) - 12/13/2014 10:40:21 AM

Hells YES

Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Character Names Revealed (Article) - 12/13/2014 10:38:18 AM

This just keeps getting worse

Spider-Man's Cinematic Future (Article) - 12/13/2014 9:35:29 AM

I think Garfield is good as the role.. I think they should keep him because  I think it will easier for kids to relate to a familiar face at this point than to introduce a new actor and have parents explain why Peter Parker looks different.. IMO.

Other than that I would love love love to see spidey in the Avengers movies and a Captain America movie... That would be such a cartoon/comic feeling more than anything..  I think it would be a fantastic idea,, better than anything i have ever heard!!! 

AS far as  Raimi, my guess is that he is DONE. I dont think he wants to do spiderman ever again!!!  I think thats why he did that "mock" scene in Spiderman 3.. I think it was his way of saying he wants out OR  please someone fire me.. lol  IMO

AND I also want to see a Sinister 6 movie and THEN they shoudl let the spiderman movies rest for a while...



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