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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 3D Trailer (Article) - 5/1/2014 11:12:02 AM

Going to be fun!!! Im there!!!

FOX CANCELS ALMOST HUMAN (Article) - 5/1/2014 10:35:37 AM

F U  FOX!!! Almost Human was a great show!!!  Suck my nuts for cancelling it!!!  I will boycot that GD station now!!!  I dont even think that i watch anything on that crap station anyway!!!

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - Official International (Japanese) Trailer (Article) - 4/28/2014 2:37:54 PM

Barbdedarrowgames!!!  Kremzeek rules!!!  LOL  thank you for bringing that up.. That was old school classic. Glad im not the only ONE who remembers that

DARWYN COOKE'S BATMAN BEYOND Animated Short (Article) - 4/20/2014 10:19:15 AM

and i saw Adam west.. that was cool!!   Batman Beyond should be the next movie franchise they start working on.. that wld b cool

Son of Batman Clip: Listen, Man-Bats (Article) - 4/20/2014 10:10:27 AM

MAN-BATS!!  LMAO.. good guess!!  dumb!!!  batman is so dumb!!!  He throws 7 or 8 of those super human "man-bats " of him like they were 7 or 8 children!!!  hate batman.. so dumb

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Opening Battle Clip (Article) - 4/18/2014 3:15:33 PM

OK, that looked awesome!!!  But yea, the sentinels shouldnt be so small, #1  and they should be  slow, easier to kill I would think.. IMO

Arrow: Seeing Red Trailer (Article) - 4/18/2014 3:08:31 PM

dojen1... Although i love the show.. i tend to agree wit you!!  i dont know who is more annyoning at this point!!!

Batman: Strange Days Exclusive Clip (Article) - 4/9/2014 10:57:35 AM

Spidey Rules!!!

Mania Interview: Gina Carano (Article) - 4/8/2014 4:01:53 PM

I think she is HOT all over!!!  Gorgeous!!  Love a womans body that is fit like hers.. I think she would be perfect for WW!!! IMO

Shes got the built and i think thats all WW needs.  She doesnt need to act.. just kick ass!!

10 NEW X-Men: Days of Future Past Posters (Article) - 4/8/2014 9:22:27 AM

Beast looks terrible.. whatever. The only time he looked good was when Frazier played him.. Beast should look a little more human. He's a scientist NOT an animal.  Damn uuuuuu!!  Damnnn u all to hell!!!!


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