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Wolverine Sequel to Follow X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 3/17/2014 1:08:55 PM

Thats fine wit me.. Let Jack-man do another wolverine movie, BUT (and thats a big BUT) eventually we will see someone else playing wolverine.. Who will it be?? IT has to be someone who cn stabd the test of time like Hugh has.. I would love to see someone a little more fit for the role, meaning short and stocky and hairy. not another pretty boy with a great physique. Jackman has done a great job on the wolverine, excellent, but i think it could have been done better.  Only time will tell.  As far as the next installment of DOFP.. im not so sure this movie will b any good.. i am a little scared that this will b another dragged on movie with no where to go, with nothing but stupid dialogue.. kinda like my posts.. LOL

No Marc Webb for Amazing Spider-Man 4 (Article) - 3/17/2014 12:43:42 PM

I dont understand some people (MArc Webb, Andrew Garfield).  you are making a ton of money, all over the news, u have become a household name thanx to The AMAzing spiderman... And when or if they ask you to continue, YOu say NO???  Why???  where r u goin>??  What will u do now??   Make less money?? have little crappy scenes in movies or direct some horror flicks that make about 30 -35 million worldwide???  I dont get it.. Its spiderman..probably the biggest name is comic book AND  MOVIE history!!!  Anyone would die/kill to do these movies.. why would you quit??

Full Flash Costume Revealed (Article) - 3/12/2014 11:55:20 AM

Looks cool.. the only way to make this show work is to not ONLY show how fast he can run, but to show how super speed helps in other ways.. Like in the comic and JLU.. i remember in one episode he said if i take my 2 fingers and nmove them realy fast against ur head i will scramble your brain(something like that).  I thought stuff like that was really cool. and that he can type so fast that he can unlock any code or alarm combination.. IMO

2 NEW Amazing Spider-Man 2 Clips (Article) - 3/12/2014 11:40:01 AM

very cool.. looks really good!!!

4 Minute Rhino Appearence? (Article) - 3/10/2014 2:36:00 PM

that sux.  i thought rhino would get a lot more screen time... Rhino rules!!

The Walking Dead: The Grove Clip (Article) - 3/10/2014 2:33:23 PM

Tyrese is the bad ass!! He makes that hammer look tough!! 

looked like he wanted to bury it in the kids head.. lol..  he looks like he is getting annoyed with her.. LOL

jonniej1017 (Profile) - 3/10/2014 2:23:55 PM

no clie who the chick is.. wish i did tho  lol.. everything on here is harmless, we are all here for the same reason. FUN.  and i love to hear about my favorite cartoons/comics first...

Transformers: Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer (Article) - 3/10/2014 2:16:53 PM

listen, if its got the Dinobots in it.. Im there. Although Bay might have f'd them up too i have to take a chance! it does looks good tho  i must say.. might b a  battle with dinobots VS predacons!!  umm helll yea

Justice League: War Blu-ray Review (Article) - 3/3/2014 1:48:30 PM

I think these movies have too much dialogue in them  and its very weak tto say the least.. "this world is for everyone" WW says??  HUH?? why?? It sounds like children right these things... the other day I saw Justice League: DOOM.. wow!!  What a peice of crap that was!  Boring and dumb.. weak weak weak ass dialogue.. piss poor fight scenes.. animation was terrible.. it seems like no one has the time or the imagination to do these movies right!!   I mean that solar flare that was headed back to earth??  Looked like something a child made up in first grade.. Mommy mommy look at what i did today?? and the mother posted it on the refrigerator.. i mean wtf?? and superman is constantly gettin his ass kicked.. while BATMAN, a regular effin guy, can do almost anything. Including punch his way out of a grave and take on Bane by jumping around and doin flips.  doesnt this guy ever get tired?? i mean come on guys.. who actually believes this crap??  i just cant stand these films any longer... they are too far fetched and not believeable ( and yes!!! i know they are cartoons they are supposed to be far fetched but at least make me believe it. im not a moron)...

Masters of the Universe Director Short List (Article) - 3/3/2014 1:28:32 PM

HE-MAN will be awesome if they do it just like the cartoon.. but make eternia look like the planet in Avatar (i forget the name).   He has to change back and forth.. kinda like shazam... This movie will need a lot of money.. very high budget to pull off all the special effects from Cringer to Battle cat being fulll CGI.. Man at arms and his weapons.. and dont forget all of the vehicle they had.. the cars and the flying machines.. AND Skelator mush be cool as shit  and bad ass!!!  and have a bunch of idiots as minions... they can make it fun but cool.. come and see me when ur ready!!!  I'll show ya how its done


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