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fallensbane@yahoo.com_home 2/9/2009 12:16:11 PM

I am such a fan of Radical, Isince the start when they started out with Calibur and Hercules. I really hope they are able to take off and do most of what they want. Nice to see they treat their talent as nice as they do.

Moz72 2/9/2009 8:57:24 PM

Their work sounds really cool. Just from reading the description, I'm interested in finding a copy of Freeom Formula, as well as City of Dust...the cover looks awesome!

MEGACON is being held Feb27-March 1st, at the Orange county convention center in Orlando. I'm planning on attending and hope to find a display from Radical. I'll keep an eye out. Anyone interested go to

It's really great to hear that a startup company like Radical has the talent, finance,and preparation to just walk into a studio meeting with a screenplay already in hand and get a green light for a film adaptation AND they get to choose their own director!

I wish them luck!



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