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Joss Whedon Blasts X-MEN Script!

    May 01, 2000

In a recent interview with Empire Online, Joss Whedon discussed his role as script-doctor for the X-Men feature film. 'They wanted me to punch up the last fight. I said, 'I think you've got a greater problem than that,' ' explained the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 'I didn't think the script was any good, so I did a major overhaul of the script. And yeah, I was the only real X-Men fan on the project that I know of.'

'The director threw it out...they went back to another version,' Whedon continued. 'A teeny bit of what I had written got in and I heard that more of it got in after the read-through. I don't know, but basically I was treated incredibly shabbily. Not by the director - in movies that's his prerogative. But I was just staggered by what I thought was a terrible decision - I actually got a copy of the script later and found out that they had thrown out the entire re-write I had done.'
X-Men wasn't the only upcoming blockbuster that Whedon was called in to work on. The creators of Titan A.E. hired him to fix the script. 'I did a great thundering re-write on that, bigger than the one I did on X-Men and a lot more of that actually stayed in the film.'
Asked if he had seen either film, Whedon replied: 'I've seen Titan, I haven't seen anything of X-Men - no-one is actually contractually or legally allowed to say the words X-Men to me in the workplace anymore...I've gotta see, I'm so curious to know. Every director has his vision, but I would not have given Halle Berry that hair.'--Empire Online

X-Men More Like Second Trailer

Executive producer and writer Tom DeSanto vows X-Men: The Movie will be more like the second trailer that came out for the film than the first. 'The first trailer was made while we were still shooting the film, and it was cool with all the images and the music video style, but I'd rather tell the story a little,' DeSanto told Comic Book Continuum. 'In the second one, fans got to see that the Mutant Registration Act is in there and that Wolverine is in there with the attitude.'
Expect the third trailer (slated to premiere with Jim Carrey's Me, Myself and Irene on June 23) to have 'a lot of special effects,' DeSanto said. Meanwhile, post-production on the film is going well, he said. 'We're under a time crunch, but we're on schedule and in good shape,' DeSanto told Continuum.

Fox Goes Ape For Titan, X-Men

In movie terms, 20th Century Fox is looking to fill the summer with gorillas, i.e. big, blockbuster features that make lots and lots of money. 'Last year we had an 800-pound gorilla [Star Wars: Episode I]. This year we have five 400-pound gorillas,' explaind Tom Sherak, chairman, 20th Domestic Film Group. 'Give everyone here an 800-pound gorilla every year and we'd be the happiest people in the world. The bottom line is, the more films in the marketplace, giving our partners the exhibitors the chance to do more business on more screens, is better for everybody.'
Two of Fox's big gorilla's are Titan A.E. , which opens June 16 and X-Men that hits theaters July 14. 'When we get to Titan A.E. we're making the new world of animated movies,' said Bob Harper, president, worldwide marketing, Fox Filmed Entertainment. 'Audiences are getting a little older and can we make something a little more sophisticated and more visually arresting for them? That's what we're doing with Titan. '
According to Harper, the recipe for X-Men's success is that its based on one of the best comic book series ever. 'But the reality is, we're making this as a movie that crosses way past that fan base and is a movie for everyone,' he points out.
'The reason that X-Men has been the largest-selling comic book in the world for almost two decades is the themes within it,' added Tom Rothman, chairman, 20th Century Fox Film Group 'It's for that reason that we believe -- and I've seen the picture -- that the way Titan moves the bar forward in terms of the animated experience and what that spectacle is, X-Men moves the bar forward in terms of what the sci-fi experience has been. It's not a traditional comic book movie in that way. It's very thematic, very resonant. It's character driven, at the same time being very exciting. For that reason, we look at it as a broadly playable science fiction action adventure experience. And it's a PG-13 movie. So it should have playability across a broad, broad age and sex range.'--The Hollywood Reporter


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