Joss Whedon talks about the future of BUFFY and working on FIREFLY -

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Joss Whedon talks about the future of BUFFY and working on FIREFLY

BUFFY and FIREFLY creator creatively discusses the future of both shows

By Jennifer H. Tomooka     September 30, 2002

It looks like BUFFY creator Joss Whedon is still being mum on whether or not BUFFY will be returning for another season. When asked point blank during an interview promoting the release of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER "Once More, With Feeling" soundtrack, Whedon had this smoke screen to throw out.

"It's not true, but I am going to kill off all of the characters," reveals Whedon. "So next year, it will be like [WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S, only it will be] WEEKEND AT BUFFY's, people can manipulate them and move their hands around. It's going to be a good time."

When asked if Amber Benson's character, Tara, will be returning this season, Whedon couldn't officially comment on whether or not Tara would be returning, but expressed his interest in working with actress Amber Benson again.

"I can tell you nothing," says Whedon. "I hope to see Amber again but [I cannot say] whether or not we [will] see Tara again."

Whedon's newest television creation, FIREFLY just completed its second episode. When asked how he was enjoying working on the show, Whedon expressed his love for the show.

"I love it," says Whedon. "I think it's brilliant. It's going really well. [The pilot] was a completely different episode [than what was originally written]. We still have the (origninal) pilot and I really liked it. The cast and the crew are amazing. I am having a great time making it. I have no idea whether or not anybody's watching it, but I'm loving it."

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