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Mania Box Office Report: Avengers beats Potter (Article) - 5/7/2012 2:08:29 PM

 Isn't there a rating based on ticket sales?  I would love to see how these movies stack up to the # of tickets sold and not the price.  Does anyone know where this info could be obtained?

Mania Review: The Avengers (Article) - 5/5/2012 7:52:39 PM

 I've been married for 19 years and dated my wife for 6 before marrying her...25 years of movie going.  Never have we gone back and seen a movie twice.  As we left the theatre, she told my boys and I..."We're definately coming back to see this again!"  My response:  "Just say when!"  Planning on going again tomorrow after church!  Yipeee!!!!   

Mania Review: The Avengers (Article) - 5/4/2012 9:02:04 AM

 No kidding!  Then they just remain standing glued to the screen, blocking your view!  This really sucks!

Star Trek 2: Villain Revealed (Article) - 5/1/2012 12:26:18 PM

 It'll be interesting to see how they do this.  I'm still thinking they've played the whole thing safe with Star Trek. It's more a "Let's try this and see how long we can keep this franchise going."  If for some reason it hadn't worked out, they could have always done a movie where young Spock knows what's going to happen in the future, prevents it from happening, the old time line is restored, and everything is hunky dory again!

Mania Review: Wrath of the Titans (Article) - 3/30/2012 9:58:44 AM

 I'm seeing it just to watch that lava monster.  Looks really cool in the trailers!  

Mania Review: The Hunger Games (Article) - 3/26/2012 12:41:50 PM

 Saw it casue my wife was dying to see it.  She was dissappointed with it, I really enjoyed it.  Seemed a little long at places, but overall a good movie.  I also enjoyed John Carter.  Thought it was a lot better than what the previews showed.  Almost didn't go because of the previews, but glad I did.

@ElBaz: Gladly would pay a seating surcharge as well for reserved seating.  Theatres, are you listening?

Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire Review (Article) - 3/23/2012 1:22:42 PM

 Lori...strange woman.  Got to agree with many of you, but I saw a different take on her becoming upset.  It seemed that she was taking in all the info Rick was giving her.  She didn't become upset until Rick mentioned that Carl had put Shane down.  This is when she lost it.  I think that what got to her was that her little baby was becoming a killer.  He had lost all his childhood innocence in that moment.  Just think, he didn't think twice about putting down someone who had been real close to the family.  Just my 2 cents.


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