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The Fall of '84: Missing in Action (Article) - 11/17/2014 6:40:25 PM

Yes, you shouldn't take the politics of the Missing In Action movies or the Rambo movies seriously.  Since I was only in my early teens when I watched these movies, I just saw them as action movies where a lot of stuff blows up.and Chuck Norris says as little dialouge as possible.  The movie's politics are embarassingly dated and right wing but I will still watch them. 

The Fall of '84: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Article) - 11/11/2014 2:19:03 PM

The 2nd one was dull and diverted away from the original premise.  Dream Child and Freddy's Dead are okay but the series was spinning its wheels after the superior Dream Warriors and Dream Master.

The Fall of '84: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Article) - 11/10/2014 1:42:02 PM

That horrible ending still annoys me.  It was until Nightmare on Elm Street 3 that they put an actual on the film.  3&4 are still my favorites.  They probably should have stopped at four.  The second one is my pick for the worst of the series.  The original still holds up but minus the ending.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Review (Article) - 10/15/2014 2:19:38 PM

Hope they solve the "Who killed Barry's mother?"  mystery quickly.  This subplot will drag the show down if it goes on any longer.  I hope the solution comes sooner rahter than later.  so far, I prefer the underrated 90s show better because it cut to the chase and not get bogged down in back story.

Blu-ray Shopping Bag: Edge of Tomorrow (Article) - 10/14/2014 1:23:31 PM

I also saw Edge of Tomorrow in the theaters.  Liked it a lot and plan to get it on Blu Ray.

The Flash: City of Heroes Review (Article) - 10/9/2014 2:12:28 PM

Hope they solve the murder of Barry's mother mystery quickly.  This subplot rekes of something that will drag on too long and might drag this otherwise promising show down.


Blu-ray Shopping Bag: The Musketeers (Article) - 9/2/2014 3:37:33 PM

I actually enjpyed the Paul Anderson version of The Three Musketeers.  It is so goofy that it is a guilty pleasure.  Managed to find it at a Blockbuster going out of business sale cheap.  To each his or her own of course.

Blu-ray Shopping Bag: Leviathan (Article) - 8/19/2014 9:16:33 AM

If you saw Deep Star Six before you saw Leviathan, Leviathan will be seen as a great improvement.  Deep Star Six was stupid and best left forgotten.  Leviathan is actually pretty good.  Haven't seen it in a while and it pales in comparison to The Abyss but I have wasted two hours of my life on much worse.

Robin Williams has Passed (Article) - 8/11/2014 5:29:39 PM

Stunned by the news.  Still hasn't sunk in yet even though it is all over the internet and TV.  May he rest in peace.

The Summer of '84: Revenge of the Nerds (Article) - 7/23/2014 1:10:41 PM

Remember Animal House also had dated humor in it too. Remeber the scene when one of the Deltas found out he had sex with a 14 year old girl.  Also, Bluto basically kidnapped one of the girls at the end and drove off with her. 


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