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JUDGE DREDD movie art

Plus: WATCHMEN, DARK KNIGHT, HULK 2 and more in this Comics2Film 9.1.8

By Rob M. Worley     January 08, 2009
Source: Various

JUDGE DREDD concept art (slideshow)
© Rebellion

Lots of cool stuff surfacing on the vast ocean of the interwebs today including concept art for 'Judge Dredd', another new 'Watchmen' video, a new 'Watchmen' website. Plus news about 'Hulk 2', 'The Dark Knight' and the future of DC Comics movies. Hoist the misen mast and damn the torpedoes, maties, it's full steam ahead into this Comics2Film round up on day 8 of 2009!



Is the WATCHMEN A.R.G. Starting Now?

Who can forget the astounding Alternate Reality Game (ARG) promoting 'The Dark Knight' which ran from summer 2007 until the movie's release, spanning dozens of websites and real world sites, to pull fans into Batman's world long before the movie hit the theater. Also online were the far less memorable ARGs for  'Wanted' and 'Hellboy II'.

So is there to be a similar effort for 'Watchmen'? It seems late in the game to do anything on par with Batman's game, but Warner Bros. has launched a new website tying in to the film.

NewFrontiersman.net features elements of the Watchmen universe, but not much else at the moment. Unlike the aforementioned ARG sites, this one makes it very clear that it's tied to the movie, complete with linkage and logos at the bottom of the page. So, perhaps it's less an ARG an more a promo for the various side-movies from the film.

We encourage you maniacs to click around and keep an eye on the site, post any findings in the comments area below.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



WATCHMEN video journal #10

Warner Bros has passed along this latest video from 'Watchmen' showing us the fisrt on-screen assemblege of the classic costumed crimefighters The Minutemen. 



Jock posts JUDGE DREDD art online

Judge Dredd concept art by Jock for the new movie

Three pieces of concept art from the new 'Judge Dredd' movie have surfaced online. Created by the amazing comics artist Jock ('The Losers') the images were posted on the message boards over at the 2000AD website.

Hit the thumbnail for a look at three images from the film.

In other 'Dredd' news, fans who have heard that Danny Boyle ('Slumdog Millionaire') might be taking the helm of the movie may be disappointed that Boyle knows little of the project, in spite of the fact that his production company, DNA, is involved with the effort.

EmpireOnline asked Boyle about the new movie:

"Where has this come from? Someone asked me about Judge Dredd the other day! [Once we remind him that DNA has the rights] Well... ha! I hated the last version of it; I can't imagine the next one will be any better."

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Tim Roth up for more HULK

Actor and Abomination Tim Roth told SCI FI Wire that he's ready to get (brownish) green and mean on the big screen again if they decide to make any sequels to 'The Incredible Hulk'.

"Yeah, they've got me for three, If we do one," he said. "I liked working with [director Louis Leterrier] very much, so if he's up to anything, I'll probably jump in with him."

Apparently a screenwriter is off somewhere cobbling together a script for the follow up.

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



DARK KNIGHT scoops up honors

'The Dark Knight' continues to make the rounds, collecting trophies and nominations as the movie award season chugs along.

Last night the film took home five Peoples Choice Awards.

'The Dark Knight' beat 'Iron Man' and 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' for both "Favorite Movie" and "Favorite Action Movie"

The film also won the trophy for "Favorite Cast", acing out chick flicks like 'Mamma Mia!' and 'Sex and the City'.

Christian Bale & Heath Ledger won the day in the "Favorite On Screen Match Up".

And in a surprise upset, Christian Bale snagged the "Favorite Superhero" trophy from comeback darling Robert Downey Jr.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that the Writers Guild of America has named the nominees for its "Best Adapted Screenplay" award. The writers for 'The Dark Knight' are honored along with those of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', 'Doubt', 'Frost/Nixon' and 'Slumdog Millionaire'.

The awards will be presented Feb. 7 in simultaneous ceremonies at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles and the Hudson Theater in New York.

Variety also has the scoop on the Cinema Audio Society nominations. 'Iron Man' joins 'The Dark Knight' as a nominee for "Sound Mixing in a  Feature Film", along with 'Quantum of Solace', 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Wall-E'.



DC Movies to get a new attitude?

In spite of the high level of buzz on the 'Green Lantern' movie, filmmaker David Goyer told IESB.net that Warner Bros. has all movies based on DC Comics Characters in a holding pattern, including Goyer's pet projects 'Super Max' and 'The Flash'.

However, the plan isn't to stall out the lucrative genre, but simply formulate a plan for best exploting them.

"A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while the figure out, they're going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause on at the moment. It was the double header of both Iron Man and The Dark Knight coming out, so more than ever I think they've realized, I think DC was responsible for 15% of Warner Brother's revenue this year, something crazy like that, so they realized that comic books, it's become a new genre, one of the most successful genres."

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


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jedi4sshield 1/8/2009 8:49:58 AM

Looks good, thing is whos' playin Dredd? the other what rating is this gonna get. It's needs a solid R rating hands down. Will anthrax get have their track I am The Law in the movie, maybe the credits? Would be sweet!!! Stallones version of Dredd was good but Mild at best. I'd say it was 50% to feeling Dredd worthy. Most definitely, this movie can be improved upon. This is the one instance I can think of that I'd want a remake. Hope all goes well.

I am the Lawwwwwww

Wallace85 1/8/2009 9:16:07 AM


That's what I'm fucking talking about bring back Dredd & get an actor who doesn't care about showing his face.

Awesome Watchmen journal I love these Video Journals Snyder does with his films.

Roth did a badass job Abomination this movie was great Norton needs to get over his ego and do some more Hulk films damn it.

Dark Knight is whooping some ass here HELL YEAH!! It's too bad for Iron Man to come out the same year Dark Knight did cause Iron Man would be kicking ass in the awards.

They need to kill this Supermax film and do just a straight up Green Arrow film & get Leonardo DiCaprio to play Oliver Queen.If you don't agree with me watch Blood Diamond & tell me the way he looks and acts doesn't remind you of Ollie.....I thought they killed Goyer's Flash project cause they felt it was too dark??Well I'm glad to hear he's still on it then cause from what I heard in his script was Barry Allen was gonna be in it but it was gonna show him also dying & the mantle being passed on to West.Now how great would it be to bring back John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen again & then have Ryan Reynolds as Wally West now that would just be perfect.

Dartter 1/8/2009 12:01:37 PM

So far Dredd looks to have the same visual look as the first movie, which wasn't bad at all especially the ABC robot. Just hope theres a better story and NO ROB SCHNIEDER PLEASE!!!!!!!! Hate that guy. 

redhairs99 1/8/2009 1:49:58 PM

It would be cool to have John Wesley Shipp back.  That Flash Tv series in the early 90s was a pretty fun show.

I'd also like to see Ryan Reynolds in the role, but I don't see it happening with him already being Deadpool.

mckracken 1/8/2009 10:22:27 PM

EmpireOnline asked Boyle about the new movie:

"Where has this come from? Someone asked me about Judge Dredd the other day! [Once we remind him that DNA has the rights] Well... ha! I hated the last version of it; I can't imagine the next one will be any better."

hey Danny Boyle... dude that quote is really fucked up man.  if you really cant imagine the next one being any better then WHY'D YOU AQUIRE THE FUCKING RIGHTS TO A MOVIE YOU HATED?????

Geesh, we'll never get a decent Dredd flick if people aquire the rights to film projects that hate them and think theirs wont turn out any better....still the concept art looks really badass. I hope Dredd stays in uniform for the whole movie this time... introduce Judge Death and maybe you'll have something worth looking at for a while.

mckracken 1/8/2009 10:25:23 PM

hey redhairs, i met John Wesley Shipp at the 2008 Supercon, (I followed him into the bathroom and took a piss next to him...LOL!) (thats MY FLASH story) i dont think he's interested in reprising his FLASH role although he was selling the FLASH DVD box set at the convention... he was a pretty nice guy to speak with (and take a bathroom break with.)

Wallace85 1/9/2009 6:30:17 AM

Yea I met John Wesley Shipp too about 2 years ago & he truly is a nice guy .Actually he gave me like $40 off to have him sign my Flash stuff cause I was working with my friend who represents Superman actors at shows.That one we had Sara Douglas there who's also a funny sweet woman.But yeah Shipp & I were talking and I told him they were working on a Flash film so I asked him if they were to bring him back as Barry would he do it, and he actually had interest in reprising his role if they were to ask him.Because to me  the only real Barry Allen is John Shipp & I must say he's still in good shape so he can still pull it off.

aegrant 1/9/2009 10:01:36 AM

The WB needs to get there act together when it comes to movies. Marvel is doing well with the quality of the films and the crossover aspects between the films. Just imagine how much better it would be if they held the true film rights to spidey and the x-men?



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