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Three TREK veterans give their assessment of coming TV series.

By Frank Kurtz     September 11, 2001
Source: TrekNewsletter

A tense Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) at the helm in the ENTERPRISE pilot, "Broken Bow"
© 2001 UPN

Last weekend's big Slanted Fedora STAR TREK convention in Las Vegas, brought in quite a few of the stars of all the previous STAR TREK TV series. As one might expect, it also generated talk of the coming ENTERPRISE.

STAR TREK NEXT GEN's LeVar Burton and VOYAGER's Roxann Dawson gushed over the show on which they are also directing episodes.

Burton revealed to the assemblage that that he helmed the sixth episode of the series titled "Tera Nova." He also said he was at work on another episode, the details of which he declined to reveal.

Regarding the program more generally, Burton gave his opinion, saying, "I love this show. I think it's a hit."

As for the program's cast, he added, "What they have, it is impossible to orchestrate. Chemistry. The cast like each other... [Scott Bakula brings] a lot to the part of Archer in terms of leadership."

Roxann Dawson also expressed her opinion, predicting, "ENTERPRISE will be an enormous hit. I had a ball working on it. The cast is wonderful."

Meanwhile, ENTERPRISE executive producer Brannon Braga also appeared at the event. Braga touched upon the return of the Andorians in the coming series, saying, "The Andorians were probably the silliest looking aliens in STAR TREK. So we thought it would be cool to update the look. The new costuming and makeup is extremely impressive."

He added "we'll also explore the culture a bit."

Still, in spite of cosmetic alterations to the Andorians, the series will remain faithful to prior TREK series. Braga says, "We will be respectful of the continuity established in pervious series... we have people on staff whose job it is to make sure we don't make mistakes."

But then he confessed, "We did make one mistake in the premiere episode that wasn't caught until it was too late so I'll apologize now. We mention a Klingon Bird-of-Prey."


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