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fft5305 11/24/2009 10:33:49 AM

Kat Dennings is a cutie. I'm down.  Doubt she'll be Wasp, though.

Crow remake is just wrong. On so many levels. Let it go.

Wouldn't mind seeing a Scott Pilgrim trailer. Sooner we get a trailer, the sooner the movie comes out. The sooner the movie comes out, the sooner Edgar Wright can get to work on Ant-Man!

dakomon 11/24/2009 11:25:21 AM

Suoerman/Batman 2 will likely be next for DC. Bring on Darkseid!

Watch James Woods steal the show as Owl Man. Billy Baldwin as Batman? What happened to Conroy? Does that guy do anything but Batmans voice?

hanso 11/24/2009 11:47:41 AM

It's not a Crow remake, this shit says it won't focus on Eric Draven so what's the problem? Whatever they come up with can't be worse than the sh.it sequels they've already made. Norrington however can go fuc.k himself if he plans to remake the Brandon Lee movie.

jfdavis 11/24/2009 11:48:31 AM

Foster's co-worker is the latest possiblity on who Denning is playing I've read unless the co-worker and that reported college student from NM (Melanie was it?) or whatever is the same person.  And yet if she isn't Hela, what was up with her reported tweet about hell being fun? Funny no confirmation on who Feore is playing yet. What's the big deal there?

Looking forward to another addition to the Netflix list for DC...  

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 11/24/2009 12:51:07 PM

They already said it's not a remake SavageLee - what about new character did you not understand?  I'm all about another Crow - and since none of them were supposed to do with each other - if they had kept it up like the comics and books I wouldn't even call them sequels.  Just another story in Crow lore.  I mean you wouldn't call none of the books or comics sequels to each other.  The only thing they had in common was somebody coming back to life to correct things gone wrong.  Or avenge, rather.  It's already been established that this has been going on forever.

When I was in basic training I wrote a outline for an awesome Crow/Batman crossover.  It deals with when Robin was killed by the Joker.  In my story the Joker kills Robin in another time/place and Robin comes back as a Crow and sets out to not only kill Joker but all the other rogues that was involved with the plot that was the reason for his death.  And Batman catches on and tries to stop him.  Maybe I should get on it - it's been a good nine years since I looked at it but I think it might be something that DC and whoever owns the rights to the Crow might like.  Hmm?

SONYMANswallows 11/24/2009 1:01:22 PM

I wish Rob Zombie would make the CROW script he wrote. I am not into his horror revamps even though his BLOB film may be interesting except no DEL CLOSE cameo as the preacher.



Crow will suck and get revamped in a few years back to Eric Draven.

Keep The Crow in Detwat. Crow meets Robocop vs TERMINATOR: The battle for Delta City. OCP is able to keep Sky net out. Robocop lets the Terminators slaughter the OCP execs except for Johnson.

"We need proof she was workin on her own."

"Whether it exists or not I am sure we can find it"

ponyboy76 11/24/2009 2:20:12 PM

I don't mind them doing another Crow movie as long as its not a remake. A revamp is fine. The sequels were pretty damn subpar after such a great first movie.

I`m looking forward to another DC animated movie. It is the one thing that they do really well. What's up with the alternate Superman sounding like he belongs on the Soprano's?

RDJ is funny. He's not going anywhere for awhile, but its cool to know that he has his priorities. At least he's not in and out of rehab like he used to be.

shac2846 11/24/2009 3:08:12 PM

JL movie is gonna' rock, and now they're adding animated Showcase shorts, I'm down.

The Crow is one of my favorite films but  I gave up on the sequels after City of Angels. Norrington is a compitent director and he says it's not a remake, I'm interested.

fft5305 11/24/2009 8:27:55 PM

Sorry.  I did see that they said it wasn't a remake. Might as well be though. Sequels have been shit. I'm sure this will be too...

Soupernatural 11/24/2009 10:54:11 PM

Here's a great idea for a "new addition to the Crow lore". Two words. Ready?




Yup. Hell to make it easy just do Iris Shaw from The Crow: Flesh and Blood. You know I'm right...

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