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themovielord 3/4/2012 7:46:44 PM

 Though I have never read the original story fromt he comic I really enjoyed Doom. Then again I am a DC Movie/ Cartoon guy other than a DC Comics guy. 

DaForce1 3/5/2012 1:52:55 AM

 I actually enjoyed this one much more than the last two DC animated outings.

shac2846 3/5/2012 10:16:05 AM

 Lots of sites including specifically comic sites are giving it some of the best reviews of any of the dc animated movies. 

Dedpool3678 3/5/2012 10:23:29 AM

I own Tower of Babel and loved it. And as loosely based on that as this is I really enjoyed it. Definitely in the top 5 of the DC animated films, and was a treat having such old friends reprise their roles. It truly felt like a sequel to "Crisis on Two Earths" as well, since the art was almost the same. Good stuff!

tjanson 3/5/2012 1:43:29 PM

Shac...that's because comic sites feature some of the biggest fanboy suck-up writers around...trust me...I used to write for Newsarama...I didn't feel it explored Batman's betrayal of the JLA in enough depth.  That was not even touched on until the final 10 minutes of the film.  Couple it with a near complete change of the cast of characters, and some very dumb plots to take down the JLA members...AW!  Green Lantern was almost guilted to death by Star Saphire.  Right like GL's ring would not have been able to tell him that the girl he thought he killed was actually a robot and not a real person?  And the Flash?  The Flash has to maintain his speed because if he slows down the bomb attached to his wrist will explode?  Come on!  There's no reason they could not have stuck closer to the source material.  This was an extremely dumbed down version of Mark Waid's story.  Even standing on its own if it had been original it would still have these same faults.

rogue188 3/5/2012 2:55:14 PM

C or not, I am going to watch the hell out of this. Having Conroy and Daly back is enough to get me involved.

irockdiesel 3/5/2012 7:05:54 PM

I never read The Tower of Babel series, but it sounds intriguing.  I’m going to pick it up if its in the form of a graphic novel.  I did pick up a few of the graphic novels after watching some of the other DC animated movies.  If anything, they are compressing the storylines to factor for the time.  I think Cyborg became added because DC wants to put him in the spotlight to sell comics he's going to starring in.  Anyway, they’ll never faithfully reproduce any of the comics they’re adapting.  Their best bet is to have a similar storyline and “keep it close” to what happened in the comics and try to make it stand on its own legs.  Overall, I enjoyed it because most of the people from JL/JLU reprised their speaking roles.  It did feel like a sequal for Crisis on Two Earths and I wished they would have gotten them for those roles.

Wyldstaar 3/5/2012 7:25:43 PM

I really liked it.  The Dwayne McDuffie documentary was very surprising.  Definitely not your run-of-the-mill comic book guy.

tjanson 3/6/2012 10:34:29 AM

Wyld...could not agree more...Imagine going to the University of Michigan when  you are 10 years old...unbelievable!

jmw2814 3/6/2012 12:25:30 PM

I really enjoyed it too. I thought it was fun and well written.

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