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Animated creators go back to comics for series R&D.

By Frank Kurtz     August 24, 2001
Source: Comics Continuum

The super-heroic cast of the JUSTICE LEAGUE animated TV series.
© 2001 Cartoon Network

Producer Bruce Timm has been explaining the advance work that went into making the coming JUSTICE LEAGUE animated TV series insuring that it not be just another SUPERFRIENDS.

While talking to the Comics Continuum, Timm explained, "Once we got the assignment to do this show, we did some serious R&D (research and development) and reread thousands of JLA comics. And not just JLA comics, but like team comics like FANTASTIC FOUR and AVENGERS and everything. There's a lot of arguing. 

"Early on, when we were looking at the very original JLA comics, the Gardner Fox era, they're full of charm and we all love them to pieces and we all have a fondness for them. But they don't really work for what we want to do because the characters are interchangeable. The only way you can tell the characters apart is by the colors they're wearing and what powers they have."

Timm continues, saying, "At the opposite end of the spectrum, the more recent (Grant) Morrison stuff, we were looking at it and thinking, wow, this stuff is pretty serious and pretty intense for a mainstream American audience, because of the lot of the market is going to be kids and younger...So, we kind of have to find a balance between all that stuff. If anything, we're probably going more toward the Grant Morrison version. But it's not as dark and as complicated as that.

"We think what we found in the Grant Morrison comics that we like is the fact that they were more of a dysfunctional family. Not that they bicker all the time. But we just want to have them not get along and not be the happy SUPERFRIENDS all the time."


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