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'Justice League' relocating to Canada?

    February 25, 2008
Source: www.smh.com.au

Was it the script that scuttled 'Justice League'? The cast? Or was it those Australian tax incentives after all? An article In the Sydney Morning Herald says the tax issue is real and, unless questions are answered, the Warner Bros/DC Comics mega movie will flee the country for Canada.

The incentives provide a 40 per cent rebate to Australian producers making movies in Australia. However, some argue that the break is meant to facilitate movies that are truly local, and not Hollywood blockbusters that are simply vacationing down under. They would have the incentives apply only to movies that cost less than $30 million.

"Any form of capping basically means the Australian film industry is going to be restricted to what it's been for almost two decades - a cottage industry making films that very sadly Australian audiences seem reluctant to see, with some wonderful exceptions, let alone films that get any exposure overseas," said Australian director George Miller, a Hollywood mainstay who was set to film 'Justice League' earlier in the year.

Miller saw a talent drain occur when his previous hit film 'Happy Feet' wrapped production. The filmmakers he cultivated in that movie had to move on to foreign productions because there was no other CGI-intensive Australian production they could move to. Miller hoped that he would follow 'Justice League' with 'Happy Feet 2' and provide some consistent work for Australian artisans.

Now the director is saying Warner Bros is seriously reconsidering the decision to film there and may very well take the production to Canada.


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