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WarCry 1/2/2013 10:43:58 AM

 I have to say this at the top - I LOVE Angela Bassett. Her role in Strange Days is what convinced me that she should have played Storm back in 2000 (strangely, Bryan Singer and FOX forgot to call me and ask my opinion, so they ended up with Berry instead). But for Amanda Waller? No, not Bassett.

CCH Pounder. Period. End of story and moving on.

I seriously think DC needs to punt on using Man of Steel as a jumping off point for this. I know they can't stop the movie at this point, and it would lead to all kinds of confusion, but they need to completely wipe the slate clean and design a movie based on the GOAL of having it anchor a JL movie. Marvel did it with Iron Man - primarily by including Coulson/SHIELD throughout, but also with the Nick Fury post-credit cameo.

Ryan Reynolds - AFTER he makes Deadpool happen - should be brought in as Wally West, not GL. 

Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan - he has the age to play a veteran pilot and test-pilot, while holding the humour Jordan should display outwardly, and the ability to show self-doubt internally or in private moments. (As an alternative, why not J. August Richards as the John Stewart version of the Green Lantern?)

Gina Carano for Wonder Woman - after putting her through an intense session at the Actors' Studio or something. She CAN act, just not great, but physically she's perfect, and we know she can do fights

Keith David for Martian Manhunter. I think this character should be primarily high-end actor-capture (like Gollum and Andy Serkis) with David providing the voice, and toss David on screen for when J'onn needs to appear in his human disguise.

Josh Holloway as Aquaman - I think he's got the chops to play both regal and arrogant as ruler of Atlantis.


That leaves just the "Big Two". They are the hardest to cast, as WB has proven over and over again.

I think Brandon Routh should be given another chance under the cape. It wouldn't hurt him to bulk up a bit, but he's got the stature to play the Blue Boy, and he's got a good "Boy scout" look going, but can be serious when needed. I think with a stronger script, we wouldn't even be discussing a reboot of the franchise at this point, because he pulled off the role in style. I have no problem - without having seen the movie, that is - with Henry Cavill, but I still think a Justice League movie needs to step away from that.

And Batman....Batman is EASY to cast, it's Bruce Wayne that gets tricky. Throw the cape-and-cowl on anyone and it doesn't matter, you can't tell who it is anyway. Have them speak in a raspy-whisper - not the barb-wire-gargling growl of Nolan/Bale - and you've got Batman. For Bruce Wayne, though, you need someone that can be broody, but also put up an air-head, playboy front. Why not give Karl Urban a shot at the big-leagues of comic book characters?

So, that's my line-up

Superman - Brandon Routh

Batman - Karl Urban

Wonder Woman - Gina Carano

Green Lantern - Nathan Fillion or J. August Richards

Flash - Ryan Reynolds

Martian Manhunter - Keith David

Aquaman - Josh Holloway

Amanda Waller - CCH Pounder


Yes, this cast skews a little bit older, but I think that's exactly what's needed for this movie, not a CW Presents: version of the Justice League.

wish 1/2/2013 10:56:55 AM

Momitchell has a very good point with Marvel and thier respective failures, in fact, they've failed way more than DC when attempting to bring thier character to the big screen!  An X-Men franchise that no true X-men fan will ever validate, a spiderman trilogy that fell off horribly in the 3rd act and divided many fans despite the initial success of the first 2 films, 2 terrible fantastic 4 films, a Blade trilogy that only kinda worked in the middle movie, 2 Hulk movies that never hit the heights the character was supposed to hit...........and yet all this was forgotten over the last 4 years of Marvel getting thier shit together and releasing a steadily improving line of films that culminated in 2012's biggest hit and easily one of the best comic/action movies of all time.

Memory for most is a matter of convenience.

DC is interested in making good movies no matter what anyone says, I'm really excited that Man of Steel will bring about a rebirth of what DC decides to bring to the screens, big and small over the next decade and beyond! 

violator14 1/2/2013 11:01:24 AM

 I like your casting choices Wise. Btw, im just super excited that Zack Snyder is involved with this whole thing. I hope he is cast as the director.

After seeing the recent Marvel movies, and years of experience, I really doubt they can screw this up. They will refine it, rewrite it, and reshoot it, til it's perfect cuz it's been in the works for so damn long and they should know that this is their chance at a huge franchise that will earn billions of dollars. Oh please let them hurry the hell up tho!!!!

Timothy25 1/2/2013 11:09:28 AM

Tom Welling won't play Superman but Dolph Lundgren could play Darkseid. Maybe even Sylvester Stallone as Darksied.

monkeyfoot 1/2/2013 11:11:51 AM

This rumored idea IS every fanboys vision. Hopefully, it pans out that way.

As said by others above, it all rests on MoS's and Henry Cavill's mighty shoulders for this to be pulled off.

Nolan's Batman was NOT a great jumping off point to a JL movie. That Dark Knight lived in a close-to-reality world where superheroes, aliens, undersea kingdoms, and amazons from hidden islands did not exist. The JL Batman should be rebooted to exist in this world. The description in the profle sounded perfect.

As much as I like Gina Carano I still haven't seen any great acting skills. Though I admit she is probably the top contender for the WW job becuase her movie stardom is rising. But I can't see her holding her own in a spin-off movie.

Everybody else is up for grabs in my book.

Finding a great director is also key for this.

makabriel 1/2/2013 11:14:57 AM

First of all, I absolutly LOVE..

that you colored their names appropriately. Well done.

Secondly, I'm not sure why people insist on a raspy whisper for Batman.  The animated series does perfect with a low rumble.  Not so much the Bale approach, I agree.

vichussmith 1/2/2013 11:19:56 AM

It's a lineup I think most DC fans will thumbs-up, but the big question is how you make peace with all the recent DC films. Do you bring them into this film, or get rid of that history?

hanso 1/2/2013 11:44:02 AM

"Is j'onn j'onzz a martian or a cornball martian?  He's green but he's not really down with the cause."

Rob Parker

monkeyfoot 1/2/2013 11:53:35 AM

Hanso, LMAO!

Yeah, that J'onzz doesn't even talk in an authentic street Martian dialect. He's a pear: green on the outside and white on the inside! 

jonniej1017 1/2/2013 12:36:10 PM

The whole thing sounds week!!! They have not set up this movie at all.. not like Marvel puttin in cameos in their movies.. adn ryan retnold should of been THE FLASH!!  NOT green lantern.. that was a huge mistake.. Ryna reynolds is a comedian @ best.. not a serious actor that can carry a serious hero role like GL.. when he spoke in that movie, GL, and tried to be serious.. i just kept thinking of him singing that song from Just Friends!! 

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