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Justice League Stands Alone

Proposed Justice League film will not connect to Nolan or Snyder's films.

By Jarrod Sarafin     March 30, 2011
Source: HeyUGuys

Comics2Film: Zack Snyder and SUPERMAN
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Just a day after the Los Angeles Times revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures executives were planning to bring Justice League back to the development forefront, one question on the minds of a lot of fans is how the proposed team-up will connect with Christopher Nolan's Batman series or Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot. According to the latter director there won't be a connection between his man of steel and the one that eventually appears in the JL film.

While attending the London premiere for his recent fantasy Sucker Punch, Snyder answered the question to the fellow geeks over at HeyUGuys.co.uk.

‘It doesn’t [connect]. Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with 'Superman', what they’ll do with 'Justice League' will be it’s own thing with its own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they’ll kinda get to do it twice, which is kind of cool."

Director Snyder seems to be also answering the question for his Superman executive producer Christopher Nolan as well but when he sounds off with his own thoughts, we'll pass them along to you. The same goes if someone asks Green Lantern's director Martin Campbell, which Snyder failed to mention in his reply.







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Rockhead 3/30/2011 11:04:45 PM

Leave it to DC to mess this up. Marvel took the lead when it comes to movies and the fact that the movies won't exist within continuity is going to turn off a bunch of comic geeks.

SarcasticCaveman 3/30/2011 11:25:53 PM

 I agree, Rockhead.  DC is a little retarded when it comes to keeping all their franchises seperate.

Johnnyathm1 3/30/2011 11:45:47 PM

It seems like all the directors and producers are having a pissing contest. And guess who is caught in the line of fire? Us...the fans. I was really hoping for some continuity on this...very disappointed.

dawntreader 3/31/2011 1:45:12 AM

the biggest problem for DC is getting them all in the same universe. Nolan, although i prefer his take on Batman, ruined it for them because his Batman's universe is so real, rather than the comic bookish stuff that they are going to end up doing in the JLA movie.

frankly, i could care less about a JLA movie.

BunyonSnipe 3/31/2011 2:08:49 AM

Yeah, well not so much DC as Warner Bros!

The way I choose to look at it. is that each comic is created by a different creative team, but still sort of fits in with the collective, and maybe the films will be shot in the same way...

With any luck, the new Batman will be the one they continue with, which I think may me more along the lines for version used in the arkham Asylum and upcoming Arkham City games, sort of half way between the comics and the films...

That said, I want to see a proper DC Universe on screen, and like it or HATE it, we have a new Wonder Woman, give her a new costume and bring her on board...

The big question is... 'What's the point of a JLA movie without a viable universe to back it up?' The strength of the JLA is it's HUUUGE roster, just look at the animated series...

Personally I would have Superman set up the Justice League in the new Superman 2, as a respose to getting his ass kicked by Brainiac and the Justice League movie would have a full scale invasion by Darkseid...

alphan 3/31/2011 2:43:34 AM

I guess tomorrow, they will give us a loud BAZINGA about that and say it's all a bad joke. The JLA will be with Cavill, Reynolds and that new BatMan actor. I wish... at least in nerd thinking ;-)

By the way... we SciFi geeks should aprils fools day into bazinga-day. What do you think?

TayDor 3/31/2011 3:09:20 AM

Well wasn't Marvel saying that after the Avengers movies, they won't be linking any further movies?  Which is just stupid.  I like the feel of the interconnectedness...like there's something larger behind the scene.

Mossy1221 3/31/2011 3:37:12 AM

 Everyone seems to want to rub their own funk on a Super Hero movie.  There is no shame DC in taking notes from Marvel.  Cameos, Tie ins and Stan Lee! That'll draw the crowds in.

Dazzler 3/31/2011 3:45:47 AM

 I never got how they can't use the same character in two dif movies.  That would be a new fresh thing for movie crossovers.  And minor characters don't count in cameos. 

Darkknight2280 3/31/2011 4:13:23 AM

DC will eff this up! They cant make any good movie unless its a stand alone Batman movie directed by Chris Nolan. I can say that from the trailers GL is gonna bomb, Wonder woman TV show will bomb. Dark knight rises is the only true gem on the horizon for them. I do have some hope for Snyders Superman...but thats all it is right now is HOPE.

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