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Wyldstaar 3/31/2011 7:55:31 AM

@ millean

DC/WB will continue to retain the movie rights, but the Siegel/Shuster estates will be able to sue for lost income for failure to follow due dilligence with the Superman franchise, since they are now legally entitled to a cut of the profits.  I suspect that the only reason a class action lawsuit against Time/Warner by the shareholders for due dilligence violations on Supes hasn't been filed is because it would cause the stock value to drop, thus negating any potential financial benefit. 

ElBaz13 3/31/2011 8:10:19 AM

From great news yesterday to this total letdown.

I'm not sure why I care though. I'm 100% Marvel. Always been. But at the same time, I like to see some good competition to push each other. I also liked the Justice League cartoon and 80s comic (Kevin Maguire/JM DeMatteis) and the 90s (Morrison/Porter). I was hoping to see these character share the spotlight on the big screen the right way.

I just think its plain stupid to reboot the Supes franchise, yet have another Supes in the JLA movie. Like someone pointed out, there will be mass confusion from the regular Joe audience. Snyder's reboot would have been the perfect launchpad. Actually, doing a GL reshoot with Henry Cavill cameo as Supes would have been a great setup. Then Flash movie then JLA (introducing the new Batman for the Batman reboots).

Some people bitch and moan about Iron Man 2 and "too much Avengers" setup. I actually liked this as opposed to a stand alone movie. It's like the shared universe in the comics. This is what DC/Warner should do. Who cares about looking like they are copying Marvel. They've been ripping each other off for 40 years.

CaptAmerica04 3/31/2011 8:35:19 AM

 Aaaaaaand... WB screwed the pooch already.  That didn't last long.

violator14 3/31/2011 10:20:18 AM

I just have 3 words: This. is. retarded.

SarcasticCaveman 3/31/2011 10:45:30 AM

 I don't buy that Nolan's Batman wouldn't work because of the realistic take in Nolan's movies.  I remember some of you worrying about how they were going to jam a god of thunder into the realistic world that Jon Favreau established in his Iron Man movies, but Thor looks like it's going to ROCK and I can't wait to see the Avengers movie with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.  Why should realism rule out the possibility of power rings and life on other planets and alternate dimensions?  

SarcasticCaveman 3/31/2011 10:49:21 AM

 Hey, maybe DC IS taking notes from Marvel...Having a Superman franchise, a Batman franchise, a Green Lantern franchise, a separate JLA franchise......ALL leading up to a CRISIS franchise!  No, probably not.

keithdaniel 3/31/2011 12:12:47 PM

I don't see a problem with a separate franchise.  On one hand it would be awesome to have the established superheroes from recent features like Batman, Superman, and GL come together into one big JLA movie.  But if I were running this show, before any JLA movie I'd have WW, Flash, and Aquaman movies out as well as having the Martian Manhunter character established in one of them.  On the other, it would be difficult to maintain that continuity for too long.  Having the actors be in two different franchises for any given amount of time does present it's challenges like eventual money demands, time constraints between each franchise etc.  It's not impossible, but it could be a headache for them to arrange all of that and don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Bale's Batman interact with Cavill's Superman, as well as Reynolds GL etc.  I'm just saying that I can see their point of view in wanting to avoid any continuity, money, and time constaint hassles that would likely come up.

krathwardroid 3/31/2011 2:13:23 PM

This is the same news they reported the first time a Justice League movie was in the works: It was to be its own thing with no shared universe. I figured that once Batman got a new series of films outside of Nolan's they would be able to connect with others. Anyway, not much else to say about this.

hanso 3/31/2011 3:32:07 PM

 This is precisely what i was talking about in the other thread.  Nothing wrong with two separate universes.


Mooncrow 3/31/2011 5:45:38 PM

My issues is that this might point to Snyder being a more of a fan of the Superman movie, than of the actual books. That means he may be making the same mistakes Singer made with Returns.

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