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'Justice League' to lens without Bale or Routh?

    August 22, 2007
Source: www.moviehole.net

Moviehole reports that the 'Justice League' movie really is moving as fast as the rumors report and that Batman and Superman will be in the film. However, don't look for Brandon Routh and Christian Bale to be playing those roles.

From Moviehole:

Yes, its true that Brandon Routh and Christian Bale won't be starring as Superman and Batman, respectively, in the 'Justice League' movie - but they will both still be starring in the stand-alone 'Superman' and 'Batman' sequels.

Director George Miller ("Mad Max") has some ideas who he'd like to cast as Batman and Superman but naturally, they mightn't be the same faces the WB want. Either way, doesn't sound like Christian Bale or Brandon Routh will be involved in the film. I assume that's a financial thing.


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