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Justin Marks talks 'He-Man'

By Rob M. Worley     November 15, 2007
Source: www.iesb.net

IESB reprints a Q & A from ToyFare with screenwriter Justin Marks regarding the 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' movie.

Marks comes across as passionate about the movie.

"We campaigned and pushed-everything short of getting on my hands and knees begging-for Mattel to hear it, and they did. We got in the room and we basically spoke through not only one movie, but three movies, all the way down through our dreams for the titles for the second and thrid movies and which characters appeared when," Marks said.

While the screenwriter admits that the public at large may not "get it" when ti comes to 'He-Man', the true fans do and he is not going to shy away from some of the cartoony aspects of the character. "Obviously you can't make a He-Man movie and be afraid of the word 'He-Man.' You have to get into there. But I think fans will be very pleased when they see how 'He-Man' is spoken."

Naturally the movie's villain will be Skeletor and fans who blanche at moviefied characters standing in for the real villains will be happy. "Obviously we can only speak in broad strokes, but how about this? Thus far, at least, there are no invented new characters plopped into it-and if we and Mattel have our way there will never be. We're talking about the He-Man mythology.

"So what we're talking about doing, in the same way as Batman Begins, we're going back to the original thing, let's build it from the ground up again. How can we find our way in? How can we jump into Adam's life at an interesting point where new audiences will respect him? It's an Adam origin story, and it's a Skeletor origin story."

Marks also poo-poos internet rumors that the concept will change radically from the orignal cartoons. "There's some stuff going around...we should clear that up. There's some rumor spreading that he's a soldier in the Iraqi war. Where did they get that? This is an Eternian movie and it's a story about an Eternian hero. We're not going to Earth, here. We're not going to the modern world. We're not going to a strip mall in the Valley."

Marks' passion for the character goes all the way back to the original toys and he wants the movie to address things that have never been seen before in the cartoons (like why He-Man and Skeletor's swords mated together in the early toys). All in all, he wants the movie to be big.

"The original material suits itself to a great, 'Lord of the Rings'-scale-and yet high-tech-cool movie."


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