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Kaiju Interviewer Sets Record Straight

August Ragone on his appearance at the Japanese Science-Fiction and Monster Film Weekend

    August 01, 2000

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the great coverage of the Egyptian Theater screenings... but there is something I want to clarify:

You quoted me as saying at the Egyptian, that I was suffering from 'jet lag/stage fright,' which was only a half-truth--actually a cover. G-Fest asked me right before the screening of MOON OVER TAO to interview Amemiya, and I was ill-prepared and suffering from being awake for over 40 hours. I didn't think that the real reason should be discussed in public, since I didn't want to exacerbate the situation. I never expected that someone was going to quote me, so that's why I threw that out. Oh well.

I was wanted to explain this to you, as your review makes me sound like a lame interviewer--I have over 20 years experience in television interviewing and have been a public speaker for just as long--I am not sure if you attended G-Fest, or came to our panels, but you would have seen much better performances. Our interview with Amemiya on Sunday morning, went off like gangbusters.

August Ragone
Kaiju Productions
Henshin! Online

[Steve Biodrowski replies: My review of event was not intended to make you look bad; I was merely reporting on the event as I saw it, including your comment to the audience. Hopefully, your letter will set the record straight.]


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