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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Nothing Personal Review (Article) - 5/2/2014 6:47:26 PM

 So any specualtions as to what T.A.H.I.T.I stands for? "something Artificial Human Intelligence something something?

It was a fun episode, glad that Colbie is back on and hopefully for many more. So much has gone down and this is just the first season! Wow! I really like Paxton's Garrett. He has some great snarky remarks. Too bad about Patton though. That was kind of f'ed up for Ward to silence that wit. 

Another note, maybe Garrett is Ward's brother or something to that effect? or maybe...he helped Ward defeat, in a sense, his manipulative brother! Foster parent? I'm just throwing out theories now. 

Til WB/DC gives us the badass Wonder Woman/Gina Corino solo film, Make Mine Marvel!







The Walking Dead: Us Review (Article) - 3/27/2014 3:48:44 PM

I guess we all got the sense that Terminus is questionable. But is that because we've come to expect that our beloved characters can't rest for long without some kind of crap going down or some douche(s) horning in on their temporary peace and prosperity? Death is literally around every corner. Though the did relax at the prison for awhile, long enough to set up their own crops, outside elements were plotting so they was always a countdown to conflagration. 

However, did anyone notice the somewhat large barbecue grill Terminus' welcomer was standing behind? What animals do they catch for that? Or are they just grilling veggies? Or maybe something else? Yes, I've read the comics but according to them, the group should've stayed at the farm for two maybe three episodes. There are plenty of events to pull from but the show seems to be taking it time tossing those in. So it could be or it could not be what some are speculating. 






Patton Oswalt for Agents of SHIELD (Article) - 3/21/2014 7:42:17 PM

 We know that Patton is a huge fellow geek so to see him in something building into awesome like this is ...well...awesome. :)

I wonder if he'll have some ranting in his character's future, possibly about one of the major, or even lesser known heroes. (thinking of his scene in Parks and Recreation)



Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor First LOOK (Article) - 1/25/2014 9:21:27 PM

 Wowzers. Looks like a nice way to spend time in Tolkien's favorite burning hot, and smelly, land. I'm already forgetting the taste of strawberries and cream. :)

The Star Wars Trailer (Article) - 8/8/2013 4:00:18 PM

 MIchael Bien as Luke and Chris Evans as Annikin? Yes?

Top 5 Coolest Kaiju (Article) - 7/12/2013 8:55:10 PM

Yeah, Guiron was an interesting design but what was up with the sushimi slicing? Brutal finishing move if you ask me. No rematch!! What about Anguirus? I dug his design. Somewhat similar to the Ankylosaurus.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Trailer #1 (Article) - 6/11/2013 6:25:00 PM

 Oh yeah. I'm starting to flash back to the old Hobbit vinyl that from the animation. "Earthquuuuaaaakkke?!" And then Smaug's giant, scary bellowing. 

Star Wars Casting News (Article) - 6/11/2013 6:19:01 PM

 This sounds very aweseom of course, having gone through a few of the EU books. BUuuuut, I remember either George or Kathleen mentioning that the EU stuff would not be touched on in the new trilogy. Or was it the EU storylines? I forgot. FIrst, btw!

Transformers 4 Plot Revealed (Article) - 3/27/2013 1:09:00 AM

 It will be the ancient race of transmorphing robots known simply as...The GOBOTS!! When worlds collide!! When writers get lazy!! An evil motorcycle! A happy go-lucky scooter! T-Bot! oh wait, that's from MASK. 

Lando for Episode VII? (Article) - 3/12/2013 4:46:59 PM

Yes, it does not matter how old the characters are in these flicks anyway. Did you see what 900 year old yoda did!! F-ing Green Tornado, man! Sidious? Mon Mothma? And by the way, how old were some of those aliens working with the Rebellion? I'm sure Admiral Akbar was in a crispy, buttery old age leading the fight of the second Death Star.

Don't forget, with whatever/whomever the new enemy is, there will definitely be high-ranking roles to fill. Those who will be planning and plotting plans of offense/defense. Just like in episodes 1-6. 


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