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Kaleido Star

When Sora leaves Japan to join the circus family of the Kaleido Stage it seems like her life long dream is finally coming true. But Sora soon finds out the being a star involves more than gymnastics. First she must get past the circus rivalries that could shatter her dreams, and rigorous training for death defying shows! Along the way she finds friends, family and romance and a home away from home at the Kaleido Stage. Get ready to feast your eyes on the dazzling costumes, the high flying extravagance, and the unrivaled glamour of the Kaleido Stage!

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Kaleido Star News and Articles

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Layla & Legend of the Phoenix OVA Licensed Sep 17, 2010
FUNiCon 4.0 Offers Up License Rescues Jun 26, 2010
SOPHIA Coming to America Feb 26, 2010
Crunchyroll Adds More Gonzo Jan 07, 2009