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Tell your Comic-Con Story to Morgan Spurlock (Article) - 5/24/2010 12:05:20 PM

I have never been able to attend San Diego (hopefully one day) and I know it's the mother of all cons but they should not limit it to just that event.  I have attended sorta similar event and have had some fun and interesting experiences.

10 Most Epic Marvel Cosmic Battles (Article) - 4/28/2010 9:02:39 AM

I do not know if this are allowed but how about the Issue of Incredible Hulk 340 with Wolverine VS Hulk.  Also I know it was relatively short  "battle but how about Amazing Spider-man 328 a Cosmic Spidey hitting Grey Hulk into orbit.  I do know what was greater about my second the second answer more that Spidey even though he was amped up was able to do that to the Hulk or the Hulk contemplating was how he was going to die either the coldness of space or when he reverted back to Banner and his body and lungs were crushed when experiencing the next sunrise.



10 Best Cliffhanging TV Season Finales (Article) - 4/20/2010 9:11:06 PM

Now I am not saying its a bad cliffhanger but I think Best of Both Worlds is kind of cheat cause I think most people even if they are not regular Trek viewers would put it on a list like or similar to it would put it.  Anyway aside from this I will not discuss the rest of the list but include some of my things that should of been on the list.

Ok 24 I am not sure of the season but its the one that things seen is Jack on no cliche intended but on a slow boat to China.

2 different ones for Smallville.  One is the Season 2 finale which I guess in someways is like the Buffy one which has Clark heading off on a motorcyle away from everyone. The other is Season 3 which shows all the main characters in some sort of dire straight so it does not just ask who will survive but how since they all are in dire straits.

Another is Babylon 5 Season 3 with Sherdian i9n Zhadum and appears to sacrifice himself.

Lost how about this past season with the fact of Juliet apparently setting of the Hydrogen bomb.

Seaquest not sure the season but the finale before the show got real bad and the Seaquest transported to a alien world.

Now I am sure there is more but thats it for now.  I might do another post later.

Comics for Other Media, Part 1: Movies and TV (Article) - 4/13/2010 7:46:18 PM

I understand and agree a movie based on a comic book character after all in most cases you are talking 2D printed matter vs 3D movie.  The thing to is it seems like most comic book character movies feel they have to change a origin, add a power or take one away.  Also how is it that with so many good stories and for that matter writers out there we sometimes get not the best stories.  Finally when studios and parent companies do a comic book movie how what they choose is to include and omit is odd.  By this look at the Superman Doomsday movie there was alot of comic books for the entire storyline not just the actual Doomsday storyline but the Funeral & Reign storylines.  Now I can see not including all of that but they could of added some more after all some people might of liked it a bit more.  Now some might say they want to keep the runtime since kids might get bored well I think a) would I want my kid to watch this plus if they included more it might get people and not just kids going to look and hopefully read the original material.



DC and Marvel%u2019s Animated Epics (Article) - 2/12/2010 3:50:53 PM

How about a story thats incorperates a familar character(s) but the story has never been published.

As for published stories how about a series of what if's or even though i never read it wolverine origin or a souble faeture containg what ever happenned to superman/the caped crusader or justice league the nail or knightfall.

Five Things We Want in Comics This Decade (Article) - 1/9/2010 4:34:16 AM

You forgot 4 biggies. 

1) Complete storylines.  I know life occurs and delays happen but complete storylines before starting a new one.  One of the heroes I like/enjoy is Superman.  A little while ago in Action Comics Richard donner wrote a story line but because of delays and such the storyline was finally finished after a big gap between the second last part and the last part.

2) Comic Schedules.  By this i mean if a character or a team has more then 3 different titles a month do not ship them all in one week.  I know some people myself included collect more then one title thast belongs to a character or a team and sometimes I find it enjoyable knowing each week I have a chance to read a different title.  Now I am not talking a comic that might have a guest starring, appearance or a cameo. To cite another example from myself Baatman, Detective, Batman & Robin and Red Robin.

3) Do away with this stupid promotion for dealers where they get a special book or comic book edition if they order a certain quanitiy of a title/issue.  I read/collect for enjoyment and some of the smaller stores might find it hard economically to purchase 25 of a title that they might only sell 10 of and then because of the surplus 15 often are left with no option but to sell the special issue for a highly efflated price to make up for the extra issues they are stuck with.

4)  Come up with a universal price for North America.  I live in Canada where most stuff is printed.  I know its vewry hard to price comics with reflective prices cause of the flutating exchange rates but they could give one price that a book will sell for unless that countries or the worlds currency crashes.  Also if you look at one company you might see a US price of $ 2.99 and get a X Canadian price but look at another company which still have a $ 2.99 US price but Canadian price be more then a few cents different then the other company.


12 Hottest Women of Genre TV (Article) - 1/6/2010 1:03:55 AM

Also you forgot Amanda Tapping from SG and Sanctuary, Alison Mack from Smallville or I do not know the name of the actress but the lead from Vampire Diaries.  Also How about Ali Lauter or Kristen Bell from Heroes?


Comic Artists as Storytellers (Article) - 12/18/2009 11:33:37 AM

If you want a prime example of how art can convey a story check this out. There was a issue of Batman in the 430's Part One of a story called The Many Deaths of Batman Part 1.  Anyway THere was only 2 words said in the entire issue.  I believe the issue was either 433 or 434.


CBS Fixing TIME (Article) - 12/14/2009 7:17:27 PM

I know I am probably dating myself here but it sounds alot like Voyagers.  Aside from QL I think (no pun intended) networks do not give time travel based shows enough time to succeed.


Lautner Circles MAX STEEL (Article) - 12/4/2009 8:59:22 PM

Yeah Pilgram it was called Jake 2.0.




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