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5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/25/2009 3:53:41 AM

Hobbs, haven't seen UP or District 9.  I understand District 9 is rated R for extreme violence and I still feel burned by the extreme violence in Watchmen so I'm kind of leery about it.  If you've seen both, how does the violence compare?

Lsn22s, um, that's Mr. Spock.  Dr. Spock was a child psychologist.  And from where I sit, Star Trek was very throughly GI Joed.  I thought Indy IV was entertaining but parts of it, most notably that fight on the trucks roaring through the jungle and Mutt on a vine, went a little too far.  

Kara S

5 Wrestlers Who Made It in Movies and 5 Who Didn't (Article) - 8/24/2009 11:57:17 AM

Captain Lou Albano.  He was in a Cyndi Lauper video.

Eureka: Shower the People (Article) - 8/24/2009 11:51:28 AM

Yeah, Eureka is being sponsored by the automobile industry this season.  At least they aren't making so many excuses to use deoderant.  But all this "Gosh Wow, that's a great car!" stuff in a town full of people who invent lunar rovers and deep space exploration vessels is kind of funny.

I enjoyed the baby shower and the mystery du jour and poor Kim and Henry.  Eureka is always fun to watch.

5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/24/2009 11:27:13 AM

Hobbs,  thanks for the thumbs up.  I kind of liked Terminator Salvation, but then, while I liked the previous Terminator films (well 1&2, I didn't see 3) I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of the franchise.  I'm more of a tourist I guess.  I really liked the character of Marcus and I thought the fx of the various kinds of robots were really good.  But if I had been wanting to see a movie about John Connor I would have been disappointed because he was really only a supporting character in the movie.  And I didn't like Chirstian Bale's performance at all.  Why is he such a popular actor.  I think he's mediocre in the extreme.

In fact, all the big franchises let us down this summer.  Wolverine was underwhelming, Transformers was juvenile.  Harry Potter was fine but not spactacular.  GI Joe was silly.  My favorite flick of the summer is still Angels & Demons which, antimatter bombs notwithstanding, isn't really scifi at all.

Kara S

5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/24/2009 3:46:10 AM

I'm pretty sure the Enterprise had a crew of about 800 though it's been a while since I watched it I admit.  And the Romulan ship was so much bigger than the Enterprise it was rediculous.

But all those faults in the movie I listed and that's the only thing you have to say?

5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/22/2009 6:17:19 AM

JJ Abrams and Paramount decided that Trekkies were too small an audience to make a summer blockbuster movie for. They wanted to draw in new people, even people who didn't know squat about Star Trek and wouldn't watch ST:TOS for free on TV. They wanted to make it accessible to people who had no interest in studying up on 30 years of ST history in preperation for watching the film.

Fair enough.

Unfortunately, their solution to this dilema was to jettison the entire history of the characters and start from scratch. But what makes Kirk, Spock and McCoy special IS their history. They are friends who's friendship is legendary. They have risked their lives for each other on more occasions than they can count and faced dangers together and saved civilization and the universe in general on a regular basis. Without that history they are no different than any other Tom, Dick and Harrys in the Federation.

The entire purpose of the movie is to wipe the slate clean, take the characters back to the beginning and make it easy for people who don't know Star Trek from a hole in the ground to get in on the ground floor. So by definition, these potential new fans have no knowledge of the characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy and no emotional investments in them. So why should they care if they are watching them or characters named something else? And as for Trekkies, we embraced the Next Gen crew, the crew of DS9, Voyager and, some of us, the Captain Archer Enterprise. What is to stop us from embracing Tom, Dick and Harry and the rest of the command crew of a new Starship post Voyager?

I would far rather see the adventures of a new crew in a new ship than the retconned adventrues of characters who have the names of characters I love but nothing else. I won't be seeing any further films about Kirk & company made by JJ Abrams. It makes me too sad and angry.

Now, as for WTF moments from Star Trek The Abomonation...

The Romulan spaceship comes out of the time warp right in front of the starship where Kirk IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING BORN, destroys it and kills his father. Now THERE is a coincidence that stretches credibility past the breaking point. WTF?

The Romulan space ship is huge, really really huge. It dwarfs the Federation starships which were as big as cities to begin with so the Romulan ship is, like, the size of a small moon. And it's not a military ultimate weapon kind of ship, it's a mining ship crewed by blue collar kind of guys. And it doesn't look like anything even remotely like the Romulans have ever built before, more like the Shadows from B5. WTF?

Twenty two years later, Kirk walks into a bar and gets into a fight with some cadets and is therefore invited to join Starfleet Academy? I don't care if his father was a dead war hero. I thought Starfleet Academy was the West Point of colleges and you had to ace numerous tests and make many applications to even be considered for entrance. But Kirk decides, apparently on a whim, that he's bored and would like to join up so he wanders onto a shuttle headed for the Accademy and somehow he's in. WTF?

A few years later, Spock's ship comes out of a timewarp and is captured by the Romulan mining ship. Spock's ship has a device on board which will prevent the star of the system that Romulas orbits from going nova. By turning the star into a black hole instead. WTF???? Um, what???? A black hole will destroy the planet less throughly than a nova would??? Uhhhhh..... (my incredulity meter is throughly trashed by now and my suspension of disbelief is snapped like an old rubber band)

Having this device which will supposedly save his planet and his pregnant wife, the Romulan captain chooses to use it, not to save Romulas and his family, but to blow up planets that belong to the Federation. Oooookaaaay, right. And BTW, since he went back like 70 years in time before the disaster why didn't he just warn the Romulans that their star was unstable so they could fix it in time to save it or evacuate the planet or something else even marginally useful? But no, instead he goes off on a crazed revenge binge and none of his crew, who one would think would have friends and family on Romulas to save, try to stop him. WTF?

There are several new ships waiting to be launched and there is an emergency and, apparently, there are NO experienced crew personnel on the entire Earth so Capt Pike takes off with a crew entirely composed of cadets who haven't even graduated from the Academy yet and they staff the bridge, including Checkov who's 16 years old. WTF? And why do people keep leaving the bridge and saying "Mr Checkov, you have the conn?" They did that 3 or 4 times. Isn't there somebody older than 16 they could leave in command?

Kirk, who's on acedemic probation for cheating on a test, is excluded from serving during this emergency so McCoy, his friend, drugs him to make him look sick and invokes a regulation that provides for keeping a sick patient with his doctor on a starship going into battle instead of leaving him in the nice, safe, infirmary that the Academy undoubtedly posesses. WTF?

Spock is in a romantic relationship with Uhura so when she demands to serve on the Enterprise with him instead of the other ship she's assigned to he knuckles under without protest. WTF?

Kirk, who's not even supposed to be on the Enterprise rushes onto the bridge and starts telling Captain Pike what to do and instead of throwing Kirk's ass in the brig, Pike listens to him. WTF?

The Romulan mining ship gets free access to Vulcan (there are no ships on guard or something?) and the Vulcans, the brightest minds in the Federation, sit there while the Romulans turn their planet into a black hole. WTF?

Captain Pike surrenders himself to the Romulans. Cause that worked so well the first time the Romulans showed up and destroyed the ship Kirk was born on despite the fact that the captain surrendered.

Spock and Kirk argue on the bridge and instead of throwing Kirk's ass in the brig, Spock puts him in an escape capsule and throws him off the ship. WTF?????

Kirk lands practically right on top of old Spock on the ice planet.

Even though they are in a different solar system, they watch Vulcan implode with a view that could only be seen from Vulcan's moon. Unless they actually WERE on Vulcan's moon. In which case why wasn't the moon destroyed by the black hole? And why would Spock leave anybody, even Kirk, on a moon that was about to be destroyed by a black hole? I'm confused.

They meet Scotty who is stationed on the ice planet and transport onto the Enterprise and Scotty is sucked through enormous pipes filled with water (or some other transparent liquid) because the enterprise is now apparently powered by a steam engine. WTF? Did somebody switch out this movie for Galaxy Quest when I wasn't looking?

Spock deals with his grief for his dead mother and the destruction of the planet Vulcan by making out with his girlfriend in the turbolift. AARRGGHH!!!!!!!!!

Spock abandons his post as Captain of the Enterprise to go play hero on the Romulan ship. Don't they have teams of security guys for that kind of thing?

The interior of the Romulan ship is as rediculous as the extreior. How is a big empty space filled with small decks supposed to help you mine?

They make Kirk the captain of the Enterprise. He hasn't finished graduating from the Academy yet. He was on acedemic probation. WTF?????????????

And that's why I hated the movie. It made no sense whatsoever. There were huge gaping plot holes. The science was bad. The ship design was unbelievable. The characters were all wrong. Star Trek is supposed to be smart. This movie was just as silly as Transformers or GI Joe.


Syfy Renews WAREHOUSE 13 (Article) - 8/21/2009 11:37:38 AM

The series has been getting better and better so I'm happy to have it renewed.  I'd rather have SG Atlantis back, but that's not an option so I'll take what I can get.

5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/21/2009 11:33:29 AM

I'm one of the old style Trekies who is highly insulted that they have jettisoned 30 years of continuity in order to tell new stories, unencumbered by the past.  If they wanted to do that, why not just create new characters that had no history?  Then they could do whatever they wanted to with them.

Don't tell me that they thought people would rather see stories about Kirk and the Enterprise.  The whole point of the movie was to attract new viewers who weren't ST fans, who had no emotional attatchment to the characters, and would feel excluded by 30 years of stories they wouldn't know.  Continuity was reset to avoid frightening off these new viewers.    You'd think a new character would be more attractive to these new people anyway.

That being said, I wanted to like the movie.  I really did.  There were good points.  I really liked Zachary Quinto as Spock.   If anybody other than Nemoy is going to play Spock, I choose him.  I liked the new Scotty too.  I thought most of the other actors were OK with the exception of the new Checkov whom I hated.  I did like the actor well enough in Terminator Salvation though, so maybe it was just the way they wrote the character.

But the plot was full of holes and inconsistencies and everybody acted like hormonal teenagers instead of Starfleet cadets and the set design was beyond awful.   If I had seen a movie of this quality that wasn't a ST movie I would have shaken my head and thought it was a bad film.  That a ST film should be that bad broke my heart.


5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/21/2009 3:49:18 AM

TKay42one, the worst part is that people seem to prefer that piece of dung movie to the original.  Yeah, the FX are better, but everything else is so much worse that it doesn't even compare.  That's the biggest WTF moment for me.  That anybody even liked that piece of trash.

5 WTF Moments In Movies (Article) - 8/20/2009 11:36:35 AM

You don't understand TKay42one.  I always loved Uhura bacause she was independant.  The other women regulars on the show, Nurse Chappel and Yoman Rand spent all their time pining after men who didn't want them and most of the women guest stars ended up in a relationship with Kirk or, occasionally,  one of the other male regulars.  Uhura seemed to be the only woman in the future who could stand on her own two feet.

The Uhura in the movie seemed like a strong, independant woman at first.  Then she started running around after Spock, hanging off his arm, demanding he make special considerations for her due to their relationship, making out with him in elevators and just generally acting like a spoiled tramp.  Whe she followed Kirk and Spock to the transporter room when they were going to beam over to the Romulan ship I thought "YES!  She is going with them to kick some Romulan ass!"  But no, she just wanted to hang off Spock's arm and pout and beg him to be careful and come back to her.  I wanted to scream "Don't you have a station to man?  Why did you leave the bridge in the middle of a battle?  Get your ass back to your post!"  Spock should have sent her packing with a raised eyebrow and a frosty remark but instead he kissed her and reasured her and I wanted to hurl.  It was the worst moment in a movie so full of WTF moments it was hard to believe.

And now The Cage will never happen because Captain Pike's captancy is over, having lasted only a few days (for most of which he was prisoner of the Romulans).

Kara S


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